About Facebook Connect for WordPress

I installed Facebook Connect as an experiment for this blog last week. With some modifications, it works fine here. If you’re using WordPress and want to try Facebook Connect, here are few things you might need to know. Anyway, I’m using Facebook Connect 0.9.9 plugins for WordPress. It’s recommended to use the latest version. When I write this post, the newest version is 1.0.
When Facebook users are “connected” to your blog, it means:

  • They will be registered to your blog as “Subscriber” in your WordPress system. Some account information — from Facebook — will be inserted. They are “Full name” and Facebook Profile ID.
  • The usernames will be a combination of FB_ prefix with profile ID. So, you will have usernames like these: FB_1015647304, FB_1226611178, FB_678048415, etc.
  • The “Website” field will be their Facebook profile page.
  • Biographical Info will be derived from Facebook profile based on the data at the time they’re connected.
  • Email address will not be inserted as user profile data. Connected users can edit their profile (edit display name, email address, website URL, etc) by signing in to your WordPress Dashboard. This will make them supply their email addresses.
  • Facebook profile images will be used as avatars.

Right now, I have some questions (for myself) about this Facebook Connector plugin.

  • Can they “disconnect” from my blog? I don’t see an option for this. The only thing I can do to “disconnect” them from my blog is by deleting their account in my WordPress system.
  • Some Facebook users have been connected. And then, what? What’s the benefit of being “connected”? I know, it’s like creating a small community for a blog. But, what’s the other benefit?

I will leave Facebook Connect here for now. But, I’m thinking of removing it later. Anyway, Facebook Connector is not a bad plugin. It’s great piece of plugin to make connection between your WordPress-powered blog and Facebook.