Okey, this is cool.

Deskography is a simple little service where you upload photos of your desk. Why? Well, the idea is that it’s fun to invite the world to see where you work.

Pixlr, Online Image Editor

Here another alternative for online image editor. It’s called Pixlr. We can upload and image images directly from internet browser. To enjoy this service, we need to have Flash plugin installed. Learn more.

Dropbox might be your solution for file-sharing need

Today, I just registered and use a newly open-for-public file-sharing service called Dropbox. That’s right, Dropbox just launched for public few days ago. The first impression: I think I will LOVE it. Here are few features why I think it might be great solution — for me, and I hope for you too. :)
It’s free. But here, free does not mean unlimited. All free account can have up to 2 GB of storage. If you think it’s not enough, other ‘package’ will be available: 50GB for only $9.99/month, or $99.99/year.
Rich of features, but easy to use. I think its design got my attention when I visited the site for the first time. It’s simple and has an easy-to-understand navigation. Some interesting features:

  • Sync contents between your PC with your Dropbox account. But, before you can use all features, you need Dropbox client installed on your computer. The good thing is that its client is available for many platforms: Windows, Linux and also Mac. Anyway, if you visit Dropbox site, you will not see the registration page because the registration is done from the client software. I’ve tried it using Windows XP Home SP2, and it works without any problems.
  • A box for multiple computers. This is good especially if you work on different computers.
  • Access our files anywhere. If we do not have Dropbox client installed, we can access our files using web-based interface. We can also upload new files.
  • Better file management. We can create folders/directories, and set the permission for each files. It means, we can share a file with other friends using a “public” URL.

Interesting? Try it.

Euro 2008 in Google

It’s a nice situation when big service always provide a service related to current happenings. Let’s take a look at Google, related to Euro 2008. We can use Google search engine service to get the information about match schedules and match results from certain countries. Anyway, search results depends on the localized Google sites from the participating countries. So, if you search from or, the results will be different.
The above pictures shows search result from We can see the upcoming matches.
If we add a participating country, we will see its match result and upcoming schedule.

Upgrade to Flickr pro account

Last week, I upgraded my Flickr account. Actually, this is not my personal account, but Orangescale’s account. Lala and I have our own Flickr account. Having two separate account is fine for me. But, if I can combine them, why not? So, if you add my Flickr account, I have to say sorry because I will not update it anymore. I will upload all new photos to my Pro account.
Flickr offers its free version with some limitation. Of course, if you’re fine with the limitation, you can stay with it. But, I want to have more. So, here are some reasons why I decided to upgrade:

  • I love Flickr!
  • Before the ugprade, we were about to reach our feature limit.
  • It’s cheap. Seriously, about US$2 per month only.
  • The pro features are tempting. unlimited uploads (10mb per photo), unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited photosets, archiving of high-resolution original images, the ability to replace a photo, post any of your photos in up to 60 group pools, ad-free browsing and sharing.
  • We will have more and more photos.
  • The process was quick and simple. It took less than five minutes to enjoy the pro features.

Right now, I am happy with my Flickr account. If you’re still in free version, the pro features are worth to see. Again, my primary Flickr account is now.

WordPress Yahoo! Shortcuts Plugin for Super Blog Post

Yahoo! Shortcuts Team and Crowd Favorite released a WordPress plugin called Yahoo! Shortcuts for WordPress. What is it? According to its definition:

Yahoo! Shortcuts for WordPress plugin intelligently enriches your blog post with great content from Yahoo! Maps, Finance, and beyond.

Even it’s still in beta release, after I tried this plugin, I found that this is a very useful plugin. Especially I want to enrich my post with more useful information without spending too much time to find references. If you go to Yahoo! Shortcuts page, you will see some demos on how the plugin will work in your post. Look at the sidebar. In short this plugin will do these things:
Yahoo! Shortcuts: Shortcuts Found

  • Detect your post to find relevant information automagically — I think it’s by keywords — that can be found using Yahoo! services. For example: maps/location, products, company information, people profile, photos, etc.
  • This plugin will generate some shortcut alternatives. Later, you will have options to deal with those shortcuts. In you entry editing screen, you will see a box containing information about how many shortcuts found in your entry.
  • If you decide to create shortcuts to Yahoo! services, just click on the “Review this Post” button. By doing this action, you will be brought to another editing screen.