Mendapatkan Layanan Telemedisin Kemenkes (November 2022)

Photo by AlteredSnaps

Hal pertama yang saya lakukan ketika mendapati kondisi bahwa saya terpapar COVID-19 adalah mencari obat atau vitamin yang membantu penyembuhan. Walaupun, kondisi sudah lengkap dan booster akan membantu, namun kalau memang ada tambahan obat atau vitamin, kenapa tidak?

Saya hanya pernah membaca pengalaman mereka yang pernah mencoba mendapatkan paket layanan telemedisin dari Kementerian RI. Ada yang bilang lancar, ada yang bilang lambat. Dan, saya putuskan untuk mencoba mendapatkannya.

Cek status dan Konsultasi

Laman yang langsung saya tuju adalah laman Layanan Telemedisin Isoman COVID-19 Kementrian Kesehatan RI. Di halaman Panduan, informasi sudah tercantum dengan cukup jelas. Saya baca terlebih dahulu, dan hal yang pertama saya lakukan adalah pengecekan NIK.

Berbekal NIK ini, akan ditentukan apakah hasil pemeriksaan sudah ada ada dalam layanan ini atau belum. Saya masukkan NIK saya, ternyata NIK saya ditemukan, lengkap dengan status bahwa saya masuk dalam kriteria untuk mendapatkan layanan telemedisin.

Sesuai instruksi, saya lakukan konsultasi secara daring melalui aplikasi. Saya pakai aplikasi Halodoc, karena beberapa opsi yang sudah ada, Halodoc memang cukup sering saya gunakan.

New App Store prices increase by round 30% for some countries

Early this month, started to have new pricing for the applications in the . Apple sent out an informing the new pricing for some currencies, and the currency I’m using right now for my is Indonesian Rupiah.

Within the next 24 hours, the following changes will be made to pricing on the App Store.
To account for changes in foreign exchange rates, App Store retail prices will be increased for the following currencies:

  • Australian Dollar
  • Indian Rupee
  • Indonesian Rupiah
  • Turkish Lira
  • South African Rand

Additionally, retail prices for Israeli New Shekels and some price tiers for the New Zealand Dollar will be decreased.
Price adjustments on the App Store are made periodically due to changes in foreign exchange rates. Within 24 hours, you will see the new Pricing Matrix in the Rights and Pricing section of Manage Your Apps on Connect.
Updates to Paid Applications and OS X Paid Applications contracts will be available on the iTunes Connect . To view all current and outstanding contracts, see Contracts, Tax, and Banking on iTunes Connect.

This adjustment is because of the exchange rates for some currencies. Right now (when I write this post), based on, the currency rate is “1 USD = 11284.6 IDR”. To see the historical of the currency change here’s a figure taken from (click to enlarge).
Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 1.00.44 AM
Now, the new price for applications had been published. See these two before-and-after screenshots.
Now, let’s see the :

  • Old: IDR 9,500. New: IDR 12,000 (Original price: $US 0.99)
  • Old: IDR 19,000. New: IDR 23,000 (Original price: $US 1.99)
  • Old: IDR 39,000. New: IDR 45,000 (Original price: $US 2.99)

The price increases around 30% from the previous.

Personal Experience: Does Find My iPhone really work? For me, it does.

Having some products, I read lots of news regarding the products or the company like product updates, rumors, etc. One of them is about the story about stolen/missing products. Today, I almost lost my New . I was lucky to have in back within hours. How?
Today, it was just like regular day. I went to the office in the morning. Since I’m now in , I take taxi almost everyday to reach the office. I like spending my time reading using Flipboard, checking Twitter timeline using Tweetbot, or reading emails. After few hours, I just realised that I didn’t have my iPad with me. I was panic. The first thing I did was remembering the taxi number. Usually, I remember the taxi number, or even taking its picture. But, today I completely forgot about it. The only thing I remembered was taxi company. It was Express Group.
There are many opinions regarding Express Group services. I also have my experiences with this company. In most cases, I have positive experience with them. For today, I have a good and nice . Thank you, Express Group!
The first thing I did was opening app on my iPhone. I tried to locate my iPad. And, I found its location. Nice. But, I was not sure whether it was still with the taxi driver, or someone already had it. I located and activated the “Lost Mode” from iCloud website, and created a message asking to contact me. I gave both my cell numbers. I also hit the “Play Sound” button.


I called the customer service number, and explained the situation. I told the operator about the situation. After that, I refreshed Find my iPhone on my iPhone. When I was in the taxi, I told the taxi driver — still from the same company — that I left my iPad. When I checked my iPad, it’s not far from my location. I asked the taxi driver to drive me to my iPad location. I was sure that the taxi driver kept it for me. I kept thinking positive. Almost every minute, I always check the latest location. And, it was moving. The “problem” with checking the position from device is that it’s not real-time. So, within 30 seconds, it was moving from one location to another pretty fast. Especially, because the traffic was good.
So, how’s the location history? See the below.
When I tried to reach a destination, I realised that the taxi (which brought my iPad) was passing. Taking another turn? Way too late. At least I tried. Again, I only hope that: the taxi drive had my iPad, he kept it with him, and — more importantly — he would bring it back to the station and contacted me. I decided to go back to the office after knowing that the taxi went to Sudirman area.
I checked again from my . It’s still moving. I had to admit that I was amazed with the location report.
Screenshot iPad Lost
I tried to hit the “Play Sound” again. In the next few seconds, I got a call. I picked it up. And, he asked me whether I was the one who left something in red case in the taxi. Voila! The taxi driver called me telling that he had my iPad with him!
I talked to him, asking about his position — of course I already knew it from my iPad’s location. I quickly asked him about the taxi number. It was: BC 5713. I told him whether he was able to drive to the office, and I also told him to keep my iPad with him. He agreed to bring it after his lunch.
I was happy. I am happy, of course.

Lessons learned

It was the first time I used Find my iPhone feature — and I hope I don’t need to use it again! — in real case scenario. Here are few things I learned:

  • Turning Location Service on the device is useful. Yes, it consumes more battery power.
  • Apple did a great job.
  • Checking the device location from iPhone does not give you the real-time location info. But, from my MacBook, I have almost real-time respond. That’s what I found. Not sure whether it happens this way, or not.
  • Turn Auto-Lock ON.
  • I have to be more careful.

When I was in the meeting, the taxi driver called me. I run from the second floor, and met him. He handed me the iPad. I promised myself that I would give him something for his effort and honesty. He said sorry because it took time for him to arrive because of the bad traffic. I said thank you. I gave him some money. He refused to accept it. But, I insisted.
Few minutes later, I texted him to say thank you for his kindness. Then, I called the taxi operator asking for information about the taxi driver’s name, and his station. I also told the operator about the good experience — especially about the kind and honest taxi driver. Thank you Pak Heru!
Happy ending? Yes. Want to be in the same situation again? Definitely not!

How To: Install Opera Mobile on Nokia N9

already has a built-in . It’s not the best, but it works. I like having some browsers for my Nokia N9, and currently I have and Mobile installed. Both browsers (Firefox Mobile and Opera Mobile) are not available from Ovi Store. If you’re using Symbian for your Nokia, you can Opera Mini. Firefox is not yet supported.
I’m not considering the process as something difficult. Yes, it’s not like the regular installation procedures. It’s my first-time experience too. So far, everything works without any issue at the moment. For Opera Mobile installation, I just follow the installation from Nokia N9 Fans Club. It’s an unofficial , not maintained by Nokia.

Now, let me share a bit about how I installed Opera Mobile. Anyway, my N9 is running MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan with software version PR1.1 (20.2011.40-2_PR_005). And, if you’re not familiar with command line, you can continue reading.

Google+ is now available for Google Apps Accounts

Finally, Apps users now can have the full access to Google+ . Previously, if you’re using Google App for your , you need to migrate to other Google to get the service. I did that already. But now, Google made it available for Google Apps user.
Quoting from Google Enterprise blog:

Starting now you can manually turn on Google+ for your organization. Once Google+ is turned on, your users will just need to sign up at to get started. For customers who use Google Apps for Business or the free version of Google Apps and who have chosen to automatically enable new , Google+ will automatically become available to all of your users over the next several days.*
Google Apps users will have access to the same set of features that are available to every Google+ user, and more. In addition to publicly or with your circles, you’ll also have the option to share with everyone in your organization, even if you haven’t added all of those to a circle.

I don’t use Google+ on daily basis. And since I’m already linked my other Google account to Google+, I am not sure what I need to do with my current Google Apps account. Here are some screenshots about the registration/activation processes.
If you’re already logging in to your Google Apps account from your — opening an for example — you can directly go to or

Since Google+ needs Picasa Web Albums for sharing and Google Talk for chat, you need to link it to you existing Picasa Web Albums.

Floating CSS menu on YouTube Flash Videos

I currently involve in a project that put videos as its primary contents. My involvement is not primary on the . I’m just helping a little. What I like from the process is to find solution. One of the problem is on the navigation menu. It’s very common to have navigation with sub-menus. Without having special objects like , everything should be under control. But, not this time.

The problem

When embedding a video from YouTube (in this case, using the iframe method), the navigation is broken because it sits behind the . The same result with the old embed code. See the below:

It’s wrong. The menu should be displayed above the video. It should be like the below:

So, is there a simple way to fix this problem? Yes.

The solution

The solution is pretty easy. You only need to add a parameter for the embed code. It’s wmode=transparent. I will use an example here. This is an embed code from Serabi Solo video at YouTube:

The code above should me modified by adding wmode=transparent parameter. The final code will be like this:

It’s easy, right? But, what if you want to use the old embed code? You can fix the problem using a same method. For example, this is ’s old embed code from the same video:

You need to add a parameter. Just add .
The final code will be like this:

Have !

Hello Mac OS X Lion

When OS X Lion was available at , I decided to it right away. After purchasing it, I continued with the process. I upgraded from Snow Leopard. Anyway, I usually download the updates available from Update menu when there are new updates available.
With the not-so-bad connection, it took around 5 hours to complete (downloading and installation processes). Here are some screenshots:

Photos should be much better now (on Facebook)

This is a good news for those who love to upload to . Facebook now offers a better improvement on its -related . Until today, its greatest feature might be the photo-tagging. Okey, these are some improvements that will be rolled for all Facebook users:
Higher resolution — If you feel 720 pixels is not big enough, you can now have up to 2048 pixels for photo size.

Flickr Photo Upload using Gravity? This is good!

I have Gravity installed on my Nokia 5800 XM phone, and so far this is one of my favorite . If you’re not familiar with , it’s a client for S60 platform. It also support Foursquare, and also Google Reader. Very nice! It’s not free, but it’s not expensive also — I bought it for than US$10. You only need to purchase a once.

Today, Jan Ole Suhr (Gravity developer) tweeted an update and he put a link to his Flickr photo page. Right now, I’m using Gravity version 1.30 build 6501. Gravity already support direct upload to some like Twitpic, MobyPicture, Yfrog and also But, seeing the above, it will support Flickr also. Yes, this is good since I use Flickr. Now, waiting for an update.

Ovi Maps (3.04) is available. How do I use Ovi Maps?

Few days ago, Nokia Ovi Maps v. 3.04 for mobile was released for public. If you’re following the news, released Ovi with Free worldwide Walk & Drive navigation last January. And, I have my on my Nokia 5800 XM upgraded. And I like it. Find more details about Ovi Maps.

Now, I want to share how I use Ovi daily use. Right now, I’m in and I have been staying in this city for few months. It’s not my first time, but still, I’m not familiar with the streets and routes. I met Ovi Maps when I had my N78 few years ago and found it really useful. But, it was when I stayed in my hometown, .

Mobile photoblogging (by orangescale)I love taking pictures with mobile device. When I found out that all captured using my N78 can have location information, I usually had the GPS information turned on. By this, I can find out where the photos were taken and — the important thing — was that I knew where I stood. How is it useful? A simple example: I went to Solo city and took a picture at the railway station. Then, I went to some places in Solo and took another picture. The result? I could find out what places I visited (with photos).

Okey, that was related to . In Jakarta, when I go to a place I usually save the location — based on the GPS . This is useful since I can also find the navigation, or at least what direction/route I should take from one place to my destination. Usually, when I took or taxi — and I’m not familiar with the street route, the first thing I do is firing up my map. Until today, I never lost. :D

Anyway, I rarely notice about the 3D view. But, when I took my time to explore Jakarta in Ovi Maps, I found some buildings/landmarks available in 3D view map. For example: Monumen Nasional (see pictures below).

Buildings/Landmarks Jakarta OviMaps (by orangescale) Monas, Jakarta (by orangescale)

For more screenshots about some buildings/landmarks I found using Ovi Maps, you can go my Flickr photostream set.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I write this based on personal experience.

Google Calendar has a new look!

I’m using Google Calendar, but not under my . I use it under Google Apps service. Right now, if you use use under Gmail account, you should have a new look.
After signing-in, I was greeted with this message:

We’ve updated Google Calendar to make it more consistent with other Google Apps. Everything works the same as before, with one exception: we’ve removed the Tasks link. Now to turn tasks on and off, just click the Tasks calendar in your calendar list.

It’s more polished now. Look at the below (Click to enlarge)

Now, let’s compare with the “old” one — Google Calendar for Google Apps I’m having right now.

In most cases, Google Apps for domain will have the same (including design) with primary accounts under Google account. I think, I just need to wait. The new design looks better.

Some Changes on Twitter Interface

Among various Twitter applications available, I only use Echofon. I also check ’s regularly when checking updates from my list, follow/unfollow other and some other activities that can be done from the website. Of course, there some Twitter text commands I can use.
Twitter made some changes on its website recently. Some of you might witness it, too. Here are few things I found since yesterday until today.

The update button now says “Tweet”. Previously, it was “Update”. Hmm.. any change the word “Tweet” included in the dictionary? Or, is it already there? And for the update notification, the background color is now light blue, not yellow.
Other actions like following/unfollowing, blocking should be easier now. Just put your mouse on the username and a nice popup will come out. This work also on the avatar. The menus provided will be based on your ‘relationship’ with the users — whether you’re following them or not. See screenshots below:

Capture and Share from Mobile Devices

Now, I want to introduce another -powered blog. This time, there are more than one author — well, only two anyway. It’s called Capture and Share. I created this blog as a place to put my — and Lala streams. All posts in this blog are created using mobile devices ( N78 and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic). But, not all of them are directly uploaded from the devices. Why? Well, we’re not using unlimited package for our devices. :)
Why Posterous? Because it just works. Sending , videos, screenshots from is our option. And, Posterous handles this perfectly. Here are few things about the setup:

  • We use custom feature. It’s
  • Some modifications. Yes, we use custom theme, only adding few lines in the stylesheet
  • Created this Posterous blog as/with Group Profile

Of course, I will not leave my own Posterous page. So, meet Capture and Share at

Firefox 3.7 and 4.0 Windows Theme Mockups

just released its new screenshots for Mozilla 3.7 and 4.0. Compared to the current version — I’m using Firefox 3.5.3 — I think the is much better. I like it. But, it’s still a mockup and it’s still far(?) from finish.
These are the mockups of Firefox 3.7 for Vista/7 and XP:
And, this is for Mozilla Firefox 4.0.
More screenshots are available at Mozilla Wiki (Firefox 3.7 and 4.0 theme mockups). About the interface design, I think Opera has a great visual design.