Simple Stream

I still have my domain name since I registered it back in 2006, but I do not used it for few years. This blog used that domain name for few years. Rather than having the domain unused, I decided to use it for something simple as simple aggregator.

So, now (well, for now!) has list of posts from this blog ( and also from my podcast page at I made it using Sourdust Feed Aggregator. Originally, Sourdust uses Bootstrap for its HTML/CSS, but I decided to redo the interface — still simple! — using Bulma.

My fellow, Zam, also has this kind of aggregator and I subscribe to it. I am thinking of having the similar aggregator, but for now keeping the updates with my daily reading sources I use RSS reader and also blog subscription feature, if available.

Lokasi dan Harga Pemeriksaan/Tes Swab Antigen di Yogyakarta (Desember 2020)

Dengan adanya kebijakan bagi mereka yang melakukan perjalanan dari/ke beberapa daerah seperti Jakarta, Bali, dan Yogyakarta mengenai persyaratan untuk melakukan swab antigen, otomatis pemeriksaan harus upgrade dari yang biasanya rapid test juga sudah cukup.

Kebijakan ini sebenarnya berlaku secara nasional mulai 18 Desember 2020 sampai dengan 8 Januari 2021. Beberapa minggu lalu, saya melihat belum terlalu banyak tempat yang melayani pemeriksaan swab antigen. Namun, beberapa hari terakhir ini, keadaan sudah cukup berubah. Banyak rumah sakit dan laboratorium di Yogyakarta yang akhirnya menyediakan layanan pemeriksaan swab antigen ini.

Berikut beberapa informasi terkait lokasi dan biaya pemeriksaan swab antigen di Yogyakarta.


Informasi yang tertulis berasal dari berbagai sumber dan valid saat dituliskan. Sangat disarankan untuk selalu melakukan pengecekan informasi/data terbaru dengan menghubungi narahubung rumah sakit, klinik, atau laboratorium tujuan.

Rumah Sakit

Lokasi dan Harga Pemeriksaan/Tes Swab Antigen di Yogyakarta.


  1. Laboratorium Klinik Parahita
    Alamat: Jl. Kaliurang No.26, Manggung, Caturtunggal, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281 (Google Maps)
    Telepon: 0811 333 21 888 / 0811 333 26 888
    Website: / Surel: [email protected]
    Instagram: @labparahita
  2. INTIBIOS LAB Yogyakarta
    Alamat: Jl. Ngapak – Kentheng No.KM 5, Area Sawah, Banyuraden, Kec. Gamping, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55293 (Google Maps)
    Telepon: 082130001433
    Website: / Surel: [email protected]
    Instagram: @intibioslab_jogja
  3. Laboratorium Kimia Farma Jalan Adisutjipto
    Alamat: Jl. Laksda Adisucipto No.63A, Ambarukmo, Caturtunggal, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281 (Google Maps)
    Telepon: 0274-489135
    Instagram: @kimiafarmajogja
  4. Laboratorium Kimia Farma Jalan Parangtritis
    Alamat: Jl. Parangtritis No.130, Mantrijeron, Kec. Mantrijeron, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55143 (Google Maps)
    Telepon: 0274-419745
    Instagram: @kimiafarmajogja
  5. Laboratorium Kimia Farma Jalan Kaliurang Km. 6
    Alamat: Jl. Kaliurang KM.6 No.48, Purwosari, Sinduadi, Kec. Mlati, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55582 (Google Maps)
    Telepon: 0274-885220
    Instagram: @kimiafarmajogja
  6. HI-LAB Yogyakarta
    Alamat: Jl. Yos Sudarso No.27, Kotabaru, Kec. Gondokusuman, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55224 (Google Maps)
    Telepon: 0274-557722
    Website: / Surel: [email protected]
    Instagram: @hilabjogja
  7. Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA)
    Alamat: Jl. Wates – Purworejo No.Km, RW.42, Area Kebun, Glagah, Kec. Temon, Kabupaten Kulon Progo, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55654 (Google Maps)
    Telepon: 082220178484
    Instagram: @bandarayogyakarta
  8. Unit Pelaksana Teknis Daerah (UPTD) Laboratorium Kesehatan Sleman
    Alamat: Purwosari, Sinduadi, Kec. Mlati, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55284 (Google Maps)
    Website: / Telepon: 081215083297
    Instagram: @uptdlabkessleman

Biaya dan Ketersediaan Layanan

Untuk biaya, berdasarkan ketetapan Pemerintah Pusat dalam Surat Edaran No HK. 02.02/I/4611/2020 yang dikeluarkan per tanggal 18 Desember 2020, batasan tarif tertinggi pemeriksaan Rapid Test Antigen-Swab sebesar Rp 250.000 untuk Pulau Jawa dan 275.000 untuk di luar Pulau Jawa.

Harga di setiap rumah sakit atau laboratorium mungkin berbeda. Disarankan untuk selalu merujuk ke masing-masing rumah sakit/laboratorium. Kebanyakan info terbaru juga mudah didapatkan melalui profil Instagram.

Sekali lagi, sangat disarankan untuk menghubungi penyedia layanan terlebih dahulu untuk memastikan. Jika ada informasi yang kurang sesuai, atau ada tambahan data, akan dicoba diperbarui dalam artikel ini.

Bloglines will be closed on October 1, 2010

If you use Bloglines, it’s time to move to another RSS reader services/tools. Bloglines will be closed on October 1, 2010. More details about this can be found in a blog post. A little bit background, Bloglines is a web-based RSS reader. It was pretty popular few years ago, and Ask Jeeves acquired this service back in 2005.
If you visit Bloglines homepage, you should see a notification about the closing and also some guides on how to migrate your RSS subscriptions to other service. I have migrated my subscriptions to Google Reader long time ago. Just in case you need to backup your subscription, you can do it now.

Posterouseptember: Posterous Features in September

logo_posterousThis September, Posterous blogging service released some new features and improvements. If you’re not familiar with Posterous — or never heard about it before, it’s a service that will help you put something online. You can post text, photos, videos and also documents. The big difference is that you can do it directly from your email. This service was launched back in July 2008. And, this is my Posterous page. If you have a Posterous account but you haven’t logged in for few months — or want to try it, here are some new features:

Feedburner feed tracking

If someone subscribe to your Posterous RSS feed, you can find out how many feed subscribers you have. This process should be easy because you can integrate your feed to Feedburner account. Using this, you can use all Feedburner’s features.

Autopost to Scribd

Posterous offers auto post ability. Using this, you can send your posts from Posterous to different websites/service. If you send a document, you can deliver it directly to Scribd.

Themes and Custom Themes!

If you want to have your own custom look for your Posterous page, you can do it easily now. There are some themes available. Once you select your theme, you can do some modifications¬† like colors, custom image header, etc. If you’re good at HTML and CSS, and want to create your very own theme, an advanced customization feature is also available. For some people — at least for me — this is a killer feature!

Embed songs from and videos from Viddler and Google Video

If you want to embed audio files from and videos from Viddler and Google Video, you don’t have to deal with embed codes. Just put the links, and Posterous will do the rest for you.

Wibiya Toolbar for your website

Few days ago, I installed a toolbar in this site (see footer). It’s a hosted toolbar service from Wibiya. I was not sure whether I really need that or not, but because I got invite to try the service — after asking for invite — I decided to try it.
Go display the toolbar, we only need to customize the toolbar. There are some “application bars” available such as Blog Search, Translation, Posts Navigator, Twitter, Sharing Tool, RSS, Gallery (Flickr), Live Notifications and Community (via Facebook). We can also edit the toolbar color from “Change Toolbar Theme”. There are some toolbar color availble.
I decided not to install all applications because the I did not need some of them this time. The other reason is because of application feature. For example, for the “Gallery” application, we need to provide “Flickr Set ID”. I think I will put this “Gallery” application when Wibiya give me another option to display recent photos from my Flickr photostream. asked about this, and they responded.
It’s not open for public, but if you’re interested just go to Wibiya website and ask for an invite. I got my invitation token in a same day.

Now with more photos. And they're bigger

When I knew about The Big Pictures, I told myself that I wanted to have one too. A place where I display some photos I took. A dedicated photoblog came into my mind. I know that it’s something I can create, technically.
But, I wasn’t sure that I maintain it well — keep it updated, upgrade, etc. Then, I was thinking of displaying photos directly into this blog. I’ve been doing this for few months actually. I put photos from my Flickr photostream here. But, I want something bigger. I want to display more photos. All photos uploaded into my Flickr collections are big enough. But, if I want to put it here, it might be “too big” or “too small”.
So, I made some adjustment here. I modify my blog stylesheet to give more space for photos. I think the photos are big enough. For some reason, I did not include the photos in RSS feed. So, you will not get photo update from RSS reader. The reason is because I have a full content in my RSS and I don’t want to flood your RSS reader and aggregator with probably-too-big picture (if you subscribe to my RSS feed, of course). I’m still finding the best solution for this.

I don't follow VIVAnews on Twitter

If you’re using Twitter, you might get some new followers in the last few days. One of them might be VIVAnews. I had VIVAnews followed me, but I didn’t follow it back. Why?
I do follow some bots on Twitter to get updates as long as they don’t flood my timeline. Some media (portal) in Indonesia start using Twitter as a tool to gain readership — sometime they just want to do it. What makes it wrong is that they don’t do it nicely. Sometime, I think they don’t have any strategy.
The only news portal on Twitter I follow is @thejakartaglobe. Why, because it does not send tweets automatically using so called RSS to Twitter tool. And, they’re joining the conversation, not killing it. For example, few months ago they joined the discussion on Plumpang tragedy. I still remembered when someone on Twitter gave updates, @thejakartaglobe responded. Asking some questions for clarification. That’s a good example, I think. So, there’s someone behind — a real human.
I’m not sure wheter VIVAnews’ Twitter account is managed by VIVAnews or not. Because:

  • The profile does not mention the primary website URL.
  • Some tweets seemed ‘funny’ e.g.
    • Thanks udah Follow :) (link)
    • Bored, bored and bored to day,,, i need new PC Games (link)

OK, this account tried to get more followers by following other users. This is a usual strategy. Does it work? May be. May be not. What people — the followers — think about it? You can read their responds. :)
Update: To find out the conversation on VIVANews’ Twitter account:

Good Bye and Hello Videoblogging!

If you read my blog, you might know that I have started my videoblog few months ago. If you follow me via Twitter, yo might heard about my video-related website: So, it is time to say “good bye” and “hello”.
Good bye“… because I want to discontinue my videoblog at I will stop posting new videos there. I might still use my Vimeo account to store my videos, but I will not post them at I will keep them as archive.
Now, it is time to say “hello” to my new videoblog. Last week, I decided to buy a new domain name for my videoblog. It’s I did this because I want to bring this site into completely different section, not under my blog domain name. This is the first time I bought a .tv domain, too. I bought it for less than US$ 20/year. I want to join the videoblogging crowd now, especially among Indonesian videosphere. Hello Notsogeeky and Webicara!

New design for this blog

I have been very busy in the last few weeks, many things to do. I needed to recharge my energy. And this is the result: a new design for my blog. I created this theme for fun, at least to keep my mood in balance, to bring my mood back to the other design work.
After upgrading to WordPress 2.7 few days ago, I wanted to have some changes here, especially by taking advantages from new features introduced in the latest WordPress, e.g. built-in threaded comment. Here are some notes on my new blog design.

Template tags

Still related to template tags, I try to take advantage from the way WordPress produces CSS selectors. Here is an example. Open index.php in default theme folder, you should see this for the entry loop:

<div <?php post_class() ?> id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>">

The code above will produce something like this:
<div class="post hentry category-services category-sites category-www category-webdev tag-htaccess tag-facebook tag-linkedin tag-service tag-twitter tag-url" id="post-1026">
Do you see the pattern? It will produce some post classes on the entry data (categories and tags). This function is called post_class(). By this, we can customize how each entry (inside the loop) should be displayed, just work with the stylesheet.
If you want to make you theme compatible well with WordPress 2.7, just head to Migrating Plugins and Themes to 2.7 article at WordPress Codex. There are some other useful information for theme designers — and also for you as bloggers.

Google Reader Problems

Today, I had problem opening Google Reader. I am not sure what caused it, because I did nothing unusual using my laptop. I noticed that it happened after I had Google Chrome installed. But, I am NOT saying that Google Chrome caused this issue. Not sure about this (Thanks Yogi for the correction).
The problem was that I have my browsers stopped loading. I even tried almost all browsers installed on my laptop. No luck. Doh! I am sure it’s not about the internet connection. Because I could not figure out how to solve this issue, I tried to re-install Google Gears. Before I did that, I disabled Greasemonkey script used by Google Reader (in Firefox).
After having Google Reader re-installed, I opened Google Reader page again. Surprise! It’s back to normal again now. At least I do not have to switch to another web-based RSS reader.

Zero Subscribers on Feedburner

I just logged in to my Feedburner account and found something strange. Some feeds got no subscribers at all. Currently, I do not only manage feeds for my own blogs, but some other blogs. In total there are more than 30 feeds. I hope it’s only because a short maintenance.
Added later: It seems that everything is back to normal now.

On Opera 9.5

I did not wait any longer to download Opera 9.5. It’s still fresh, and because I’m comfortable with this browser. Because I do not have many addons — like in Firefox, I just upgraded it. The upgrade process was easy, just like doing a fresh install.
The new interface looks great and well-polished. The window tab is redesigned and I think it’s much better than before. Look at the screenshot below. It uses the standard skin, special effects-enabled with “Sand” color scheme.
Opera 9.5 Standard Skin
I am not saying that I do not like the new skin desin, but I like to have it simpler. Previously, I use another skin called “Flat”. I want to keep my Opera clean so that I can focus on the website content. Here is my current skin using the same color scheme. It has slimmer tabs, not many colors, and smaller icons… and I like it.
Opera Flat Skin
I do not use all features offered by Opera because I do not use Opera as my other applications like RSS reader, email client, or chat. I choose to use web-based service like Gmail and Google Reader. About other accessories, I have some Opera widgets installed: Ruler, The Colours of The Rainbow and CSS Help. Well, I miss Firefox when it’s about extensions/addons. But, it’s fine for me if I do not have them in Opera. :)
I still want to have Opera as my best browser, but I still find it hard to have it really customized for me. I’d like have Greasemonkey really works in Opera. I know, it’s said that Greasemonkey already supported by Opera since Opera 8.0 (more about User Javascript). But, I still find it difficult to have work. Anyone? Overall, I love this release and I just hope there are more official tutorials to get the most from Opera (for users who already love Firefox); something like: How to get these in Opera?

PunBB 1.3 Beta Preview

For all PunBB fans, PunBB 1.3 beta is already available. Few days ago, I download the beta release, did a fresh install, and I believe that the coming 1.3 will be MUCH better. Currently, the latest stable release is PunBB 1.2.17 (released on February 19th, 2008). Here is a screenshot:
punbb 13
So, what’s new? Here are some of them:

Some notes about 21Cineplex website

Before going to theaters for a movie, I checked the schedule first. And I want to get the information about the movies — their schedules — I go to It’s informative, but I found annoyance there.

  • I can’t bookmark a theater page. Whenever I want to go directly to a theater page, it takes me to frontpage. I think it’s because my browser does not send HTTP_REFERER?
  • Because I can’t add a theater to my bookmark, it means that I can not send a permanent link to other people. If I want to show a page to someone, for example: “Go to theater in Yogyakarta”, how to do that? “Open the site, then click this, then scroll down, you should see the link there”. Like that? Doh!
  • Every theater has its own RSS feed. This is good. But, it seems that the feeds are out-dated. I just open a feed few minutes ago (April 20), but I got the feed for April 9 (as seen from <pubDate> value).

A question: why?
There are some answers, but I am just guessing. Probably:

  • they put advertisement there. More page views, more value?
  • they think people are not interested to subscribe to RSS. RSS — in this case — means less page views?
  • nobody complains about this, so there is nothing wrong with the site.
  • the point is: “All information are there. There. The most important thing is that users can find them.”

Okey, I will stop complaining now.

SimplePie Updates

Simplepie Logo
Last week, Geoffrey Sneddon of SimplePie planned to leave his role developing SimplePie. As a reminder, SimplePie is a code library (written in PHP) that can be use to do creative things using RSS and Atom feeds. If you have heard about Magpie RSS, SimplePie does similar actions. Do I use it? Well, when I developed Asia Blogging Network together with the team, I also use SimplePie to display global entry from the network. You can see the action on the frontpage.
Okey, so does SimplePie join the deadpool? It seems not. Ryan Parman — the other developer — took over the development. And another new version of SimplePie (SimplePie 1.1) was released few days ago, with some improvements. Great!