Google Reader Problems

Today, I had problem opening Google Reader. I am not sure what caused it, because I did nothing unusual using my laptop. I noticed that it happened after I had Google Chrome installed. But, I am NOT saying that Google Chrome caused this issue. Not sure about this (Thanks Yogi for the correction).
The problem was that I have my browsers stopped loading. I even tried almost all browsers installed on my laptop. No luck. Doh! I am sure it’s not about the internet connection. Because I could not figure out how to solve this issue, I tried to re-install Google Gears. Before I did that, I disabled Greasemonkey script used by Google Reader (in Firefox).
After having Google Reader re-installed, I opened Google Reader page again. Surprise! It’s back to normal again now. At least I do not have to switch to another web-based RSS reader.

Zero Subscribers on Feedburner

I just logged in to my Feedburner account and found something strange. Some feeds got no subscribers at all. Currently, I do not only manage feeds for my own blogs, but some other blogs. In total there are more than 30 feeds. I hope it’s only because a short maintenance.
Added later: It seems that everything is back to normal now.