Flickr Homepage New Design

New Flickr Home Page
I think Flickr homepage new is much better, that's what I feel. Even the new design has not been rolled out for public, but you can have it now. Read Flickr blog for more details about the new design.
So, what's hot there? Here are few things I found/like:

  • The main content (column) — it's on the left — has more useful items.
  • On the front page, you will have this “box”.
    • Your recent . It's 5 now instead of 4 photos, and recent activity info. You can toogle between these menus, and your settings is saved automatically. will remember your recent “tabs”.
    • Your contact — We can see 10 photos, not only 4.
    • Photos from Groups. If you're joining groups in Flickr, you'll see the recent photos from certain groups. And, it seems that they're displayed in random order.
    • If you like to explore photos in Flickr, there is another random items on the bottom area. Click the refresh , and you'll get different content.
    • New post from Flickr blog resides on the top sidebar.
    • There is also random tips (?) for Flickr users. For example it says: You can post photos straight to your blog from Flickr!, It's the “dos” and “don'ts” of Flickr citizenship, Making your own posters, or backup disks is easy, etc. Click the refersh icon to randomize it.
  • The recent activity is improved. If you go to .. you'll see the differences. You can made some adjustments about the activity settings. If you're Flickr Pro user, some short stats about your photos is available from that page.
  • On the recent activity page, we can stop the updates/changes from certain items. There is an icon/menu says “Mute activity on this item”.

Overall impression? It looks great! And anyway, this is our (Lala and I) Flickr photostream page.


Shorpy: The 100-Year-Old Photo Blog

Just got the link from SimpleBits. It's about Shorpy. So, what is Shorpy? is a photoblog featuring high-definition images from the first half of the 20th century. The is named after Shorpy Higginbotham, a boy who worked in an Alabama coal mine and ironworks in the 1910s.

Many great old and artistics we can find there. Here are two examples:

Gotham City: 1910: “Fifth Avenue and Forty-Second Street, New York.” Circa 1910, horses and motorcars shared the streets. Detroit Publishing glass negative.


Road to 1,000 Flickr Photos

We‘re about to reach 1,000 in our Flickr Photostream. When we upgraded our Flickr account last February 2008, we added more photos into our sets and collections. Yeah, we do not have super , lenses, or any other great gadgets. But, we want to capture moments. We believe that we can reach 1,000 photos this month. It should be easy, because there is Yogyakarta Art Festival 2008. It means: more photos!


Flickr Toys: Do more with your photos

Flickr Toys is a set of utilities to do creative things with our . So far, my favorites are Flickr DNA (Orangescale's FlickrDNA) and Jigsaw.


Share This! at Flickr

No, no. It's not about having social bookmarking buttons on our Flickr . But, the idea is still about . We are now able to share our photos, sets, collections with other members. And, it's not only about sharing pictures with other members, but also related to how we will use the photos.
The “Share This” button will be visible only if we can share the information on the page. So, it is not visible on frontpage since we can not share anything. If we're seeing a — our own photo or other member's — we can easily tell other about the photo, embed it into our /blogs, get the permalink, or even blog about it from our (only if we have blogs assigned into our Flickr account).
Of course, we can not share our private pages like Flickr stats page (for Pro members). And, it depends on the settings we apply to our photos. If we want to share some private photos, we can do it by giving a “Guest Pass” to our friends. Go to Flickr help page about sharing for more info.


When strangers add you as his/her contact

Few days ago, I had someone added my Flickr account as her contact. Well, I am not sure whether it is her own real or not. Probably, it is someone's account. I assumed that it's a “she”. I noticed that I was not familar with the name. Okey, I looked at the profile. And, boom! The account has many pornographic material there. And, it seems spammy.
flickr blocked
I just quickly blocked her account. I did not have any other reason to accept that. And, probably this is the first person I blocked. I am not a person who put ‘numbers of contact' as a goal. I prefer to have contacts rather than having numerous contacts but most of them are stragers. Remember what happened to my Facebook account? Currently, I have still many ‘stragers' there. It is fine if those who added me have a ‘safe content', but I am not comfortable when someone who has pornographic and any other distracting materials added me.
Okey, I blocked that person (as my contact). According to Flickr, blocking means that they:

  • can't comment on my . All comments on my photos that they make are deleted.
  • are removed as my contact, and you are removed as theirs.
  • can't add me as a contact again.
  • can't add my photos as favorites. Any of my photos marked as their favorites are removed.
  • can't blog my photos
  • can't add notes or tags. Any notes and tags they added to my photos are removed.
  • can't send me FlickrMail

Image styling in blog entry

When we write an article in our blog, sometime we insert images/ to support our article. And this can be done easily, no matter what platform we use. For example, using we can upload using uploader tool, and with few clicks the image will go to entry editing screen. For better formatting purposes, we can manage how inserted objects should be displayed: floating left, right or in the center. For example, see the image below:

The above image is constructed using codes like this:

Alternate Text

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Quisque mollis. Sed ut eros at ante congue vehicula.

Or, something like this:

Alternate Text

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Quisque mollis. Sed ut eros at ante congue vehicula.

There are many alternatives to have such output. We can use style="float: left;", align="left", align="right", etc. Is it what you want? Probably, yes. But, do you notice that the text is attached to the image? Do you want to insert some space there so that it can please your readers? Now, let's compare with this image.


Upgrade to Flickr pro account

Last week, I upgraded my Flickr account. Actually, this is not my personal , but Orangescale's account. Lala and I have our own account. Having two separate account is fine for me. But, if I can combine them, why not? So, if you add my Flickr account, I have to say sorry because I will not update it anymore. I will upload all new to my Pro account.
Flickr offers its free version with some limitation. Of course, if you're fine with the limitation, you can stay with it. But, I want to have more. So, here are some reasons why I decided to :

Right now, I am happy with my Flickr account. If you're still in free version, the pro features are worth to see. Again, my primary Flickr account is now.


FAlbum and Flickr Photo Album plugins for WordPress

When I started to my other blog powered by WordPress, I wanted to have a section to display my Flickr photos. I decided to use FAlbum plugin.
When I found this plugin, I did not search another . I just tried to install and modify it. And it works. At least, this plugin can give me what I wanted. You can see the working demo at my blog photo gallery section.
Of course, this plugin is not the only solution. There is another plugin called Flickr Photo Album for WordPress. Both plugins are similar. I haven't dug deeper to compare those two plugins, to find which plugin does better job.


Flickr Stats for Flickr Pro Account Holder

Flickr introduces a new feature called Flickr Stats. (hat tip Yan Arief) This is only available for Pro holder. I can not have this feature for my account since I am still use the free version. Anyone want to upgrade my account? :)
To gain the statistics, you need to activate this feature first from your account panel. After doing that, just wait for a moment — it takes about 24 hours for Flickr to generate your stats. Once it's activated you will get more statistics for you , please note that:

  • Your own views of your own photos are not counted
  • Views and referrers when a page on is loaded
  • It will not count views of your photos on external sites e.g. photos loaded from your blog.
  • More? Visit Flickr Stats FAQ page

WordPress Yahoo! Shortcuts Plugin for Super Blog Post

Team and Crowd Favorite released a plugin called Yahoo! Shortcuts for WordPress. What is it? According to its definition:

Yahoo! Shortcuts for WordPress plugin intelligently enriches your blog post with great content from Yahoo! , Finance, and beyond.

Even it's still in beta , after I tried this plugin, I found that this is a very useful plugin. Especially I want to enrich my post with more useful information without spending too much time to find references. If you go to Yahoo! Shortcuts page, you will see some demos on how the plugin will work in your post. Look at the sidebar. In short this plugin will do these things:
Yahoo! Shortcuts: Shortcuts Found

  • Detect your post to find relevant information automagically — I think it's by keywords — that can be found using Yahoo! . For example: maps/location, products, company information, profile, , etc.
  • This plugin will generate some shortcut alternatives. Later, you will have options to deal with those shortcuts. In you entry editing screen, you will see a box containing information about how many shortcuts found in your entry.
  • If you decide to create shortcuts to Yahoo! services, just click on the “ this Post” button. By doing this action, you will be brought to another editing screen.


Look at the below:

It's a shot of a gum tree taken in front of City in Chinatown Haymarket in Sydney. This wonderful photo was taken by yukesmooks. And you know what, this is two billionth photo uploaded to Flickr. Lala and I only contribute less than 200 photos for Flickr so far. :)


Illustration and Avatar Maker Online Tools

When we register to a , we have the ability to change our profile/ information. And one of them is on the or avatar . The main reason because we want to incorporate our avatar to our account. Well, better than the default image/ provided by the .
But sometime, creating an avatar takes too much time. Not only because we have to deal with complicated for image editing, but also we lack of ideas. What kind of avatar? We can create our own avatar and illustration in ease. Portrait Illustration Maker and Otaku Avatar Maker are available for free.
Illustration and Avatar Maker
The input fields will help you creating your favorite avatar or illustration. You can choose the background, foot, hair type, eyes color, etc. If you have created them, you can simply save your work and use it for your need. Nice !