Pembayaran Menggunakan DANA di App Store

DANA adalah salah satu dompet digital yang saya pakai. Saya cukup nyaman menggunakannya, salah satunya karena melalui DANA saya bisa melakukan transaksi dengan kartu kredit saya jika kebetulan saya tidak ada saldo. Alih-alih melakuan top-up ke saldo, saya bisa langsung transaksi dari kartu kredit saya.

Selama saya menggunakan produk Apple, proses pembayaran selalu saya lakukan dengan kartu kredit. Namun, ternyata DANA sudah dapat digunakan — selain kartu kredit tentunya — sebagai metode pembayaran. Informasi ini dapat dilihat dari laman metode pembayaran yang dapat digunakan dengan Apple ID.

Menghubungkan akun DANA ke metode pembayaran

Karena saya tidak punya iPhone, saya mencoba menghubungkan akun DANA saya dari iPad. Dan prosesnya cukup sederhana.

Saya belum melakukan transaksi langsung menggunakan DANA di App Store ini. Mungkin nanti. Kalau bisa, saya lebih memilih untuk membayar langsung dari saldo DANA saya.

Solved: Apple's App Store Purchase Using Visa

Last week, I got problem with my purchase at Apple’s App Store. I didn’t tried to purchased any paid apps after that. Today, I tried to purchase something on my iPad. I was curious whether this problem had been sorted or not. And, it’s back to normal now. Fixed!

Apple's App Store: Your payment method was declined.

Few days ago, I heard that some friends complained about their Apple ID. It had something to do with payment/billing info. I told them that I had my account work without any issues. I also joined some discussion groups, and one of them were also discussing about this. Mine was working great. But, not until today, when I decided to purchase something from my iPad.
I’m using Visa.
My last transaction was made on my iPad on October 31, 2012. It went as I expected. So, it had been a week since my last purchase. I use the same billing details since I purchased my first app for my devices (MacBook Pro, iPhone 4, and New iPad).
Payment Declined
After asking for confirmations from other friends, they’re all using Visa. I also searched for more details, the problem was solved after changing the credit card to Master Card. I’m not lucky for this since I only have Visa right now. I am sure that I have no problem with my card. After my last purchase, I still make transaction using it.
There’s also a long discussion on this issue at Apple Support Communities, and it seems that Visa users only need to wait to get the problem sorted. Too bad.