IDR 100K to Update Domain Registrant Contact and Domain Transfer for .ID Domains

If you’re having .ID domains — I do have some, you might heard about the news. That’s right, the news (it’s official!) said that starting from November 1, 2008, we need to pay IDR 100,000 (around US $10) to update Registrant Contact and/or Admin domain information. And, what makes it even better is that we need an formal letter. But, if we only need to update billing, technical contact and nameservers… it’s free.
Anyway, I posted about my experience about .ID domain renewal last year. With this new policy, I think I’ll avoid using .ID. If my clients want to register .ID domains, they should know about this first. It’s much cheaper — and easier — to have .COM!

PANDI accepts two-year domain renewal

I have been using .id domains for quite long time. And, it has been a year since PANDI hold the domain registration service. Last year, PANDI only accepted domain registration for one year only for each domain. Now, they said that we can register and also renew our existing domains fot two years (read the press release).
My experience with PANDI is nice. I mean, I never got big problem on domain registration. Well, there was a little problem, but it seems they are improving their service. When I registered a domain for my client last few weeks, the only problem was because of incomplete documents. I thought it was fine, but PANDI needed more requirements. I was fine and told my client to send me some other documents. So, basically, as we go with the procedures, it should not be that difficult to get .id domains.