Yahoo! Now powers Ovi Mail

I just got a notification from Ovi Mail — it’s an email service provided by Nokia — telling that Ovi Mail is now using Yahoo! Mail technology. The email said:

Ovi Mail is now officially “Powered by Yahoo!”. Users have access to significant improvements, including better social integration, improved contacts management, a more customizable experience, and better search and spam filters.

I tried to logged-in to my Ovi Mail account, and found that it has now the same look, just like what Yahoo! Mail has. But of course, it has Ovi Mai’s identities there like its logo and menu icons on the top. The image logo now only has the word “Mail”, not “Ovi Mail”. (click to enlarge)

You probably heard the news this month that Nokia in in the process of re-branding, by dropping the “Ovi” and simply use “Nokia”

“We have made the decision to change our service branding from Ovi to Nokia. By centralizing our services identity under one brand, not two, we will reinforce the powerful master brand of Nokia and unify our brand architecture — while continuing to deliver compellingopportunities and experiences for partners and consumers alike.” Nokia’s EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Jerri DeVard [source]

So, how does it affect the users? Nokia clearly stated that Ovi will not be used in the future — I like its name, anyway. So, other product like Ovi Maps and Ovi Store will be “Nokia Maps” and “Nokia Store”, right? Ovi Mail is using domain, will Nokia keep this, or will terminate the service also? I don’t know. Right now, Ovi is just like regular Yahoo! Mail. I haven’t found any reasons to use it as my other primary e-mail.

Anyway, About the Skateboard from Ovi

Finally, I had the skateboard delivered by Nokia Ovi to my office few days ago. It was shipped using UPS service. Why I got this skateboard? You can read the story on my previous post.
When I firstly got the news that I was the lucky person who got the skateboard, I thought it would be shipped from Finland. But, I was wrong. Niini Kokkonen, Ovi Blog’s editor, said to me that it would be shipped from the US office. On the next day, she emailed me telling that the skateboard had been shipped using UPS service. And I waited. OK, I’ll be honest: I checked the delivery status everyday. :D
Skateboard from Nokia Ovi Blog (by orangescale)
At around 4 PM, I got a phone call from UPS and they told me that I got a package. They asked about my office location. I gave the direction to the guy behind the phone. He said that the package should arrive in about two hours. So I opened the box, and found that shiny skateboard deck with a letter inside it.

Yahoo Maps powered by Ovi Maps. And more!

Some of you probably have heard about this news: Nokia and Yahoo! have an agreement to work on they really’re really good at. According to the press release:

Today, Yahoo! and Nokia announced a worldwide strategic alliance to extend the reach of their industry leading online services and offer people rich experiences that keep them connected to their world and the world around them.
Building on more than five years of collaboration, Nokia and Yahoo! ® will leverage each others’ strengths in e-mail, instant messaging and maps and navigation services, to provide consumers with access to world-class experiences on both PC and mobile devices.

You can also find the press release at Yahoo! Yodel Anecdotal. So, what does it mean for you? Probably… nothing. But, for me it means something. Let me tell you why.

I use Flickr — and I’m really enjoying it. Sometime, I take advantage of its geo-location feature. I can put my photos into map. You can do it manually, or automatically using geo-location meta data captured from your mobile device. I did it using my mobile device. Flickr photos with geo-location information will be integrated with Yahoo! Map. You can see my Flickr map page to see it in action. Is it good? Yes, but not that good. Why?

  • When I had my photos with location information, they’re not placed at the correct information. So, I have to edit their location in the map.
  • Yahoo! Map does not have much details about my hometown, Jogjakarta. Especially, when it comes to street names. For example, my photo taken in Malioboro Street, it’s detected as it was taken in other area, and it’s not even close.
  • I remembered that I have put my photos into correct location. But for some reasons — I don’t know why — the location was changed. I hope I’m wrong with this. The zoom effect or something, I don’t know.

With the new partnership I mention above, I hope I can see improvements. Ovi Maps has a great database of location, and it works really well. I know, sometime it has some mistakes on the street naming, but… still, it’s a great tool.