Nokia N9 Sample Photos

I love photography.
After using some different cameras (DSLR and phone camera), I think  this year I spend more time using mobile phone, not the DSLR. Sometime, I almost forgot that I still have Canon 450D. After having Nokia N9 in my hands, I wanted to test its camera features, just like what I did with my previous Nokia N8.

Nokia N9 does not have the best camera specifications compared to other mobile phone products (with camera). But, for a mobile photography, the photo quality is pretty good. Let’s look at Nokia N9 camera specifications:

  • 8 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics
  • Wide-angle lens, true 16:9 imaging
  • Large lens aperture F2.2 for better and faster photos in low light conditions
  • Dual LED flash
  • Digital shutter, continuous autofocus, touch-to-focus and exposure lock
  • Focal length: 3.77mm / 28mm, F number/Aperture: F2.2
  • Still images file format: JPEG/EXIF/XMP
  • Digital zoom up to 4x for still images and video

Now, let’s see how some photos taken using Nokia N9. These photos are not edited at all. Nokia N9 has also a simple photo editor to crop, rotate, brightness, and contrast, etc. I only captured some photos, and send to Flickr directly from the phone using built-in upload to Flickr feature.


My Nokia N9: Personal Review

I have been using Nokia N9 for about a week, and I would like to share a bit more about this phone. In my previous post, I posted about the unboxing photos. In short, I think this phone works for me and I’m comfortable with the features, speed, and more importantly to keep myself ‘connected’ to the internet world.

The design

When I opened the box, it was like love at the first sight. I got the black Nokia N9. I think Nokia N9 has a beautiful product design. Here’s why.

I have been using some Nokia phone in the last few years with various phone designs. My first Nokia phone was Nokia 3110. That’s right, that big phone. After that, I switched to Nokia 5510, Nokia 3230, Nokia N78, and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. I also tried Nokia E72 (with the QWERTY keyboard). The latest Nokia phone I have is Nokia N8 which I’m using right now.
Lots of phone companies put their efforts creating products that are not only about the technical aspects like hardware specifications, but also the design. “This [put the product name] is beautiful!” is a very common expression. And I think Nokia N9 got this expression.
Large screen is another features. Lots of phones has bigger screen these days. But still, people will use their hand to operate. I like phone with big screen, but not too big. I was not sure whether Nokia N9 has ‘big enough’ or ‘too big’ screen area. Can I hold and work with it only with my right hand? It’s taller than Nokia N9, and iPhone 4.
Can I reach whole screen area using my thumb? I can. For me, this is something important.
I look at the design, and I could not find any buttons at the front. I’ve heard that it’s all about ‘swipe’. The only buttons/keys are only on the right side: volume/zoom and power/lock keys. It took few minutes to explore how the swipes work. And, it’s not difficult at all. It’s easy. I will write about swiping on Nokia N9 later.
About the SIM card, I need to have the micro SIM card. There are two options: buying it from my desired provider, or make it by cutting the regular SIM card. I went with the second option.


So, what is the best Twitter Client?

Not exactly a Twitter client, but tool to manage social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.
When I created my first Twitter account in 2006, there weren’t any applications for desktop or mobile. But, it’s 2011 and the service grows so fast. It’s around one billion tweets sent per week (according to March 2011 data). I love Twitter, and I also joined some other services. I don’t use all of them on daily basis, but more about learning how the service works, and how they’are designed. This is something I consider as something-I-like-to-do.
We are connected to each other using social media services. Many people want to be in the front row to get the latest news. They also want to know what is the latest information in the industry they’re involving with. I want to get the news shared by people I’m following on Twitter, or just to see what’s happening from my timeline.
At the same time, I want to share updates. These things seemed easy to be done. But, when it’s involving multiple social media accounts, I can be very busy. Not always, but sometime.
I have been trying and have some application installed on my gadgets — and also my MacBook Pro. I’m having Nokia N8, BlackBerry, and iPhone 4 now. Okey, don’t ask me why I need to have those gadgets. I just have them and don’t use them at the same time. But, I usually switch between those gadget — and of course, applications installed.
The thing is that not all applications works on every device I have with me, even they share similar features. Among many applications (free or paid) to manage my social media account. And these are some applications (including Twitter clients) I use — I switch between applications when I’m on my iPhone as my primary device right now.

I don’t have iPad and Android-based devices anyway. So, why bother having (too) many applications when I don’t use them all? Again, I like exploring how those things work. And, I like working on my account using its native application. For example like using Facebook for iPhone to explore Facebook, even HootSuite also works fine. Why? Switching between application is easy. Right?
I don’t have any other applications like TweetDeck, or Twitter for Mac on my Mac. For the web-based tool I sometime use HootSuite, CoTweet and Twitter website.
For the next post, I think I’ll write short reviews about those applications. From a end-user perspective. There are many tools/services that offer so many features. Probably, they works for businesses, not for personal use. Some are paid service, and some are free. When it comes into a simple question: “What is the best Twitter client?”, the answer should be simple: A client that works for you. Right?


I don't send Instagram photos to Flickr automatically. Why?

I like taking photos using my iPhone 4 and send them to Instagram. At the same time, I also like Flickr. iPhone 4, Nokia N8, and Flickr should be a great combination. Both Instagram and Flickr have their good and bad. And, I think both services can not be compared. Each service has its own medium and audiences, including the way how contents delivered to its users.
Posting to Instagram is super easy. If you use it, you know what I mean. It also has filters. There are some good photography applications to edit or manipulate photos available for download at App Store. Everything looks perfect. But, I decide not to post my photos sent to Instagram to Flickr stream automatically. Yes, it’s a very easy process and I don’t do it. Why? Here are my personal three main reasons:

1. It’s not big enough

When a photo posted to Instagram, it will be posted in multiple sizes. They are Thumbnail (150×150), Medium (306×306), and Large (612×612). Even I can post the large photo, it’s not big enough for me. I want to have my photos on Flickr as my personal photography archive too. By uploading manually to Flickr — from desktop or directly using application like Flickr for iPhone I can bigger photo, even the original photo size — taken using my iPhone.


Nokia Gulp: The World's Largest Stop-Motion Animation Set using Nokia N8

I’m happy with my Nokia N8. For photo and video features, I don’t use many advanced techniques. And, I have some videos published at Dadio.TV using Nokia N8, so far I’m happy with the result. You can see more than 700 photos I took using Nokia N8 at Flickr.
If you want to see an example of creative and advanced technique using Nokia N8, you should see Gulp. It’s the world’s largest stop-motion animation shot on a Nokia N8. Here’s the final video:

So, what is Gulp?

‘Gulp’ is a short film created by Sumo Science at Aardman, depicting a fisherman going about his daily catch. Shot on location at Pendine Beach in South Wales, every frame of this stop-motion animation was shot using a Nokia N8, with its 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics. The film has broken a world record for the ‘largest stop-motion animation set’, with the largest scene stretching over 11,000 square feet.

There are some details on the production process at Nseries blog. These photos (and beind the scene videos) from the production must be watched.


Pencuri yang Mengaku

Bukan, bukan. Ini tidak ada kaitannya dengan salah satu judul sinetron. Dan, ini bukan tentang rencana saya membuat sinetron. Saya gak ngerti tentang seperti itu.

Jadi ceritanya, kemarin saya mau pulang setelah nongkrong sejenak disalah satu tempat di daerah Mampang Prapatan. Sewaktu akan menyeberang jalan, ada dua orang berboncengan mengendarai kuda supaya baik jalannya berhenti didepan saya. Maksud saya, sepeda motor. Ya mereka berhenti karena saya kebetulan juga menyeberang di lampu merah, dan lampu sedang menyala merah.

“Mas, kalau ke arah Depok kemana ya?”, tanya dia. Saya memang bukan orang Jakarta, dan baru sekitar satu tahun berada di Jakarta. Tapi saya agak tahu arahnya, saya tunjuk arah.
“Kalau ini lurus jalan apa?”
“Ini lurus ke Buncit…”

Orang itu diam sejenak, kemudian mendekatkan kepalanya ke saya, dan dengan suara yang lebih pelan bertanya lagi ke saya, “Kalau disini jual handphone batangan dimana ya?”. Awalnya saya tidak begitu ngeh, tapi saya ingat kalau di dekat perempatan Mampang saya beberapa kali lihat — karena sering iseng jalan ke arah itu — ada beberapa penjual telepon genggam di pinggir jalan. “Disana mas, tidak jauh…”, jawab saya.

“Mau jual handphone nih bang…”, katanya. Sebenarnya saya sedang tidak butuh handphone. Selain karena sudah ada dua, dan juga karena sedang tidak ada budget. Dia mengeluarkan sebuah ponsel berwarna hitam. Pertama kali memperlihatkan saya langsung mengenalinya, karena tipe ponsel yang diperlihatkan sama seperti milik saya. Nokia N8! Wah!

Sebelum saya sempat merespon apa-apa, dia melanjutkan kalau dia mau jual cepat saja karena sedang butuh duit. Dalam hati, saya bilang ya sama kalau butuh duit. Hehehehe… Intinya: dia mau jual itu ponsel DAN dia bilang, kalau kalau dia mengambil ponsel itu dari tangan bos-nya. Nah, “mengambil dari tangan orang lain”. Iya, mencuri. Siyal! Usai sudah harapan untuk memiliki ponsel N8 satu lagi *halah!*

Saya tidak ada keinginan beli sejak awal, apalagi ketika orang itu mengaku kalau memang itu ponsel adalah hasil curian. Lha saya sudah banyak dosa, mosok iya masih ditambah dengan membeli barang hasil curian — apalagi orang itu sudah jelas-jelas mengaku. Tapi, jiwa entrepreneur orang tersebut sepertinya cukup gigih. Terus menawarkan ke saya. Tanpa menyebutkan angka. Selalu yang dia ulang-ulang adalah, “Ini sudah 3G ini…” Itu saja. Saya tolak dan dia semakin semangat untuk membujuk saya.

Akhirnya, saya coba untuk menyudahi saja pembicaraan di pinggir jalan itu, “Mas, saya sedang tidak butuh HP. Maaf mas, saya mau pulang….”, saya ucapkan dengan nada sedikit serius. “Ya sudah, Bang. Makasih….”

Mereka berlalu dari hadapan saya. Saya lanjutkan menyeberang. Untuk pulang.


Gravity Photo Upload Error: XL Problem?

I have been using Gravity for more than a year and so far, I find that this is the best Twitter client for Symbian. I have it installed on my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and N8. Using Gravity, it’s easy to share photos directly to some photo sharing providers like Twitpic, yfrog,, or even Flickr. Sound good? Yes.
But, it’s only when your mobile internet provider works without any issues. Until today, I only use two mobile internet service: Telkomsel and XL Axiata. Using Telkomsel, I almost found no problems. Everything is working. Well, not 100% great, but it’s still acceptable. Right now, I use XL internet service. I just want to try its service. Both offer the similar price for its data plan. XL has more offers when purchasing the mobile internet package.

The problem is — again, this is related to Gravity application — everytime I upload a photo, I always got Error: HTTP 401. Telkomsel didn’t give this kind of error. So, is it an issue from XL’s side? Maybe.
Wikipedia says:

401 Unauthorized
Similar to 403 Forbidden, but specifically for use when authentication is possible but has failed or not yet been provided.The response must include a WWW-Authenticate header field containing a challenge applicable to the requested resource. See Basic access authentication and Digest access authentication.

Not good.
When I tweeted this problem, my friend Andrayogi also shared a same experience. So far, I’m happy with the internet performance by XL. Yes, I have been using XL service for almost 10 years. And this is the first time I use its ‘unlimited’ data plan. If this problem remains unsolved, I think I will be switching back to Telkomsel.


Capturing Firework (Nokia N8)

Capturing Firework (Nokia N8)
This firework photos might be not special. But, what makes it special (for me) is that it was captured using my Nokia N8 :D When I was working, I just run out to see it. Fired up my camera phone, adjust some settings in few seconds, press the camera shutter. Not bad for a first attempt, right? :)


The Commuter, new Nokia film in mobile HD (Shot using Nokia N8)


Taking Photos using Nokia N8 (Personal Experience)

The first thing I did after having Nokia N8 (product details in Bahasa Indonesia) in my hands last week was taking photos. I have been following this phone for months, and feel so lucky because I now have chance to try it myself. First impression: Love it! Nokia N8 offers a great improvements on its camera. Now, it has 12 MP camera, equipped with Carl Zeiss lens and also Xenon flash.

I like taking photos (go to Flickr photostream for photos), but since I live in Jakarta right now (and I didn’t bring my DSLR camera), this phone should be a good companion for me. Better quality photos (using phone camera) is one of the features offered besides entertainment, music, business-related features, and also video. For this post, I will write more about the word ‘photo’. Anyway, you can explore full specification and features by going to Nokia N8 product page (or, go to Nokia Indonesia for details in Bahasa Indonesia).

In the last few days, I took some pictures in some different condition (day light, night, low-light). I have to admit that I’m really impressed by the final results. Each photo has around 1 MB in size. If needed, I can adjust some settings like “Scene Mode” (Automatic, User defines, Close-up, Portrait, Landscape, Sport, Night, and Night portrati), Color Tone (Normal, Sepia, Black and White, and Vivid), White Balance (Automatic,  Sunny, Cloudy, Incandescent, and Fluorescent), Light sensitivity, Contrast, Sharpness and also Exposure. But, the “Automatic” mode should just work when you only need to point and shoot.
After photos were taken, I can also make some basic editing actions like cropping, resizing, or color adjustment. Photo dimension taken using Nokia N8 is 4000×2248 pixels. For a landscape photo, it will not be a problem. But, when taking portrait photo I feel that it’s “too tall”.
Seeing is believing, right? So, here are some photos taken using my Nokia N8. All photos are displayed without any editing.


Ten Things Why Nokia N8 Is Better (than iPhone 4)

Ten Things Why Nokia N8 Is Better (than iPhone 4). Comparison on these subjects: price, design, video call, HDMI + Dolby Surround, memory, USB On-the-Go, usability (reception issue), sensor, Xenon flash, editing software & Ovi Maps are free (Symbian^3)