Bye MyBlogLog

I have some blog posts about Yahoo!’s MyBlogLog service. In December 2007, MyBlogLog introduced an integration with Yahoo! ID. In July 2008, MyBlogLog introduced its new design. But, I think I don’t have any “real” advantage having MyBlogLog installed on my blog. I can’t remember when I have it installed.
Maybe, you heard the news also that MyBlogLog will close its door on May 2011. I got an email from them.

You have been identified as a customer of Yahoo! MyBlogLog. We will officially discontinue Yahoo! MyBlogLog effective May 24, 2011. Your agreement with Yahoo!, to the extent that it applies to the Yahoo! MyBlogLog, will terminate on May 24, 2011.

If you’re a paid costumer — I’m curious about how many paid customers, anyway — you’ll get refund for unused subscription period. Yahoo! offers another alternative called Yahoo! Pulse — it’s not a new service, by the way — which I don’t use it at this moment. So… good bye MyBlogLog.

MyBlogLog Redesigns

I think it has been a long time since I logged in to MyBlogLog homepage. Today, when I went to MyBlogLog website, I found that they already come up with a new design.
MyBlogLog Redesigns
MyBlogLog Blog has some details on this.

Don’t worry, we still got all the features that you can’t live without; your stats, your widgets and, of course, the New With stuff. Only now everything is framed with shiny shadows and rounded edges! Also notice that on your profile we have moved the most recent visitors module, up on top, not down below the fold so you can quickly see who’s been checking you out…
We went and completely upgraded the featured blogs by scrolling through the top 20 sites (based on number of members), and displaying a more straightforward message about what we offer; Discover, Broadcast, and Connect. You’re going to hear these three words more often from us, I’d love to hear if this description it resonates with you.

Overall, compared to the previous design, it’s better.

MyBlogLog and Yahoo! ID Integration? Easy!

MyBlogLog and Yahoo! ID Integration
Few days ago, I mentioned about problem on integrating MyBlogLog and Yahoo! ID. I expected that the problem would be solved by MyBlogLog team as soon as possible. But hey, Ian Kennedy — MyBlogLog Product Manager — came here and gave a note he would investigate the problem. Thank you, Ian!
When he notified that the problem had been solved. I tried it again. The problem’s solved. Sweet! If you want to know more detail about the what the integration is all about, visit MyBlogLog Help Page: Migrating to Yahoo! IDs. It’s all there. I just realized that I registered to this service more than a year ago… :D

Problem on MyBlogLog and Yahoo! ID Integration

If you use MyBlogLog service to display visitor avatar in your blog, you probably have heard that your MyBlogLog account can be merged with your Yahoo! ID. Right, because MyBlogLog is part of Yahoo! company. For some reason, I removed MyBlogLog feature in my blog few weeks ago.
Because it seems that it’s easy to merge accounts (MyBlogLog and Yahoo! ID), I gave it a try. When I tried to complete the last step, I got an error. It says that there is something wrong with the SQL syntax. I have contacted them about this issue. Hope they can solve this problem.