Combining RSS feeds

Few days ago, I combined entries from my journal and bookmark section in front page. It works nice, just like what I expected. And, if you notice, there is a new RSS feed now: Orangescale.NET Bookmark RSS. Thank you subscribers!
I was thinking: why not making a combined RSS feed so that people only need to subscribe to one feed? I think the mechanism (in making the RSS feed) will not be difficult. Okey, I will try in my local MT installation first.
I know it might flood the Planet Terasi later (if I use the main RSS feed as the combined RSS). So, sorry Planet Terasi reader for the inconvinience. And sorry for those who subscribe to my RSS feed.
I am working on it right now. Be back in few minutes.
Added later: Okey, the combined feed is ready. If you subscribe to my journal feed, you will find entries from my Bookmark section as well.

Migrating to MT Dynamic Publishing

I am working on the dynamic publishing for this weblog. You will experience broken links, pages not loeaded correctly. First thing I learn: always backup your template/template file before changing the setting into dynamic; or you will have Jupiter falls onto your head — sigh.
Now, the individual entry pages, monthly archives pages, and category archives pages are using the dynamic publishing. But some items are missing, like the breadcumb and some menus in the sidebar. Why? Like what I have said before, it happened because I did not backup my template file. I use the link to template feature. After changing the setting in the template management — choosing Build Only Archive Templates Dynamically — the templates became so weird. Bad. Bad. Bad.
But, at least I did not found major changes. But it takes time, still.
Okey, what’s the different? The first thing is about the rebuilding time. It is — of course — faster than before. And by this, I can make the modification faster. The next thing is that I save more space, I save more than 10 Mb files. Well, it is not that big, since I do not have million of entries.
You do not need to come to me saying that other blogtools will safe the disk space. I absolutely understand. :) It is not only webspace. More than that. More.
Before, I have tried to make it dynamic; but I always came to this kind of error: Smarty Error: [in mt:16 line:200]. Arvind of Movalog covers this problem by his article: Troubleshooting Smarty Errors. Great thanks, Arvind.
Well, I will play again with this dynamic-thingy. Blog becomes more interesting… :)