250 Million Tweets per Day and More Than 100 Million Users

CEO Dick Costolo
At Web 2.0 Summit 2011 in San Fransisco, Dick Costolo (Twitter CEO) revealed some latest statistics about Twitter. Here are some facts:

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Foursquare is now available in Bahasa Indonesia!

I don’t use Foursqure on daily basis. If you want to have Foursquare in Bahasa Indonesia, it’s now available in Bahasa Indonesia. Foursquare team announced about some new languages for the application interface:

Today, with the launch of five more languages (Bahasa Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Thai), we’re excited to announce that over 1,500,000,000 people now have access to foursquare in their mother tongue. These five new languages represent some of our fastest growing areas internationally.

If you’re using Foursquare on your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, you can have the new languages by upgrading the applications. Also, you can have Foursquare website in more languages, including Bahasa Indonesia. Look at the language menu on the bottom page to change the language interface.

This is a good addition, and the language for the application depends on your phone settings. If you want to use Bahasa Indonesia, you need to go to your phone settings, and change your phone language.
Anyway, Twitter also made Bahasa Indonesia available for its users a month ago.


Twitter is now available in Bahasa Indonesia

Finally, Twitter users are now able to have Twitter’s interface in Bahasa Indonesia! Indonesia is available as the 11th languages options. I think this is  a good move since Twitter is getting more popular in Indonesia. According to the statistics last year, Indonesia was the top contributing countries after the United States and Japan. And, both languages (Dutch and Bahasa Indonesia) are the first languages translated by the community through Twitter Translation Center.

For a complete list, Twitter is now available in: Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, English, Korean, French, Dutch, Russian, German, Japanese. You can choose the language settings from Account menu tab.


TED Talks video subtitles

I like watching TED Talks videos. And, I have downloaded lots of videos from TED website. Actually, it’s okey if I watch them without subtitles. But, with subtitles I think it’s much better. The question is: is it easy to get the subtitles? The answer is: not that difficult to get it. But of course, not all videos having subtitles in multiple languages. English is more than enough, I think.

I came across to TED Talk Subtitle Download website and it’s easy to use, to get the subtitles needed. Enter TED Talk video URL and hit the “Download” button. If subtitles are available, just download which subtitles you want.
I’m using VLC on my Mac, and lots of my TED Talk videos now have subtitles. Watching the talks is more enjoyable right now. Time to get more subtitles!


NVDA: free and open source screen reader

If you want to see — or, should I say “listen”? — your site with a screen reader, there is a free and open source screen reader called NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA). What is it?

NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) is a free and open source screen reader for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Providing feedback via synthetic speech and Braille, it enables blind or vision impaired people to access computers running Windows for no more cost than a sighted person. Major features include support for over 20 languages and the ability to run entirely from a USB drive with no installation.

Yes, right now it’s only available in Microsoft Windows platform.


Internet Explorer 8 Released

Internet Explorer 8 is available in 25 languages. It’s said that there are some improvements — faster, easier and safer — compared to the previous versions. Check the feature overview.


Adobe Flash Player 10

Adobe Flash Player 10 is now available. Get it now. According to the datasheet (PDF, 491KB):

  • Engage users with highly innovative and cinematic experiences using custom effects and filters created with Adobe Pixel Bender and native 3D effects. Innovate with text to create new types of publications using an advanced text engine, typographic control, and new layout options.
  • Flash Player 10 leverages the GPU to deliver faster performance for applications and videos. The vector data type, multicore support, and open source ActionScript Virtual Machine 2 (AVM2) all contribute to highly scalable code execution performance. Text-rendering improvements boost performance and rendering quality for Asian languages.

Or, you can read the overview (PDF, 1.33MB) first before downloading.


The BOBs – Best of the Blogs: Deutsche Welle International Weblog Awards 2008

Just a reminder. This year, The BOBs (Best of the Blogs) 2008 has been started on August 31. Compared to the last year competition, this year Indonesian bloggers will have an opportunity to join the event. So, if your blog is written in Bahasa Indonesia, you may join. The award will be given out in 11 different languages: Arabic, Chinese, German, English, Dutch, French, Indonesian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.
What is Deutsche Welle?

Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster: online, on-screen and over the air. It provides a European perspective to audiences around the world and promotes intercultural dialogue.

Last year, the event got more than 7,000 submissions. The number will increase not only because Bahasa Indonesia is included as one of the criteria, but because the number of bloggers is also increasing this year.
Okey, let’s talk about the mechanism. If you want to join, submit your blog from the submission page. Your blog will not be nominated immidiately. The editos will check every submission to make sure that it fits the criteria. You can nominate yourself, or other bloggers.
Read more details about this award on the FAQ page. Anyway, one of the judges — from Indonesia — is Budi Putra (the CEO of Asia Blogging Network).


Blogger multi-langs

Blogger in different languages. Interesting! (via)


I got bad fever

Yesterday, I got a very bad fever. And it was terrible and bad day. The day before, I had 18 hour sleeping. Haha! *Lazy Thomas!* So, I woke up so early in the morning, at 4 AM. Errghh after that, I couldn’t go back to bed. At 5 AM, I took a bath. And when I told this to my friends they said, “Really?” hahaha it seems I’m too lazy to take a bath. Hydrophobia? Hahahaha! Well, the cocroach doesn’t take a bath every day, but it’s clean.

And last night, I couldn’t take a rest. I woke up every hour. I went to bed (at Itok’s) around 2 AM, and I woke up at 7 when my cellphone alarm rang. After that, I work with some of my sites. Deadline. Deadline.

Around 10, I went to internet station, and checked my site, and surprise!!! bandwidth Limit Exceeded. Errgh again? Oh no. Once, my friend said, “Too many visitors is not good for your bandwidth.” Hahah.. I think he’s right. But that’s not the point. I checked the bandwidth, and it was 728,xxx Mb. Hey! The bandwidth should be 2 Gb. Errghh Not long after that, I contacted my webhost, and the problem was fixed. :) My site run again.

So, for some people hosted at, if you read this post, please take a note:

On the next August, I have to renew my domain,, and I have to pay the host. Once again, I’m not rich, but I do want to help you. At least you can make site, learning new things, etc. But, considering the how much it will cost, I can’t handle it myself. I know, what you experince is that you have your subdomains, you have your site run, etc. But, I’m not sure if you know what I have to do to make keeps running. So, when I renew my account, it won’t be this big, it will be smaller. And I had to remove some subdomains. *sorry, . so sorry I don’t want to, but I have to.* Except, there is a person who buys me a webhost account. *dreaming wake up Thomas!*
The community and knowledge should run, but it needs many things. A website has to run, but it needs webhost. *sigh* If I can’t renew my account, I think I will keep the domain, backup all files and databases, and moving to another places. Anyone want to host host me?
I also talked to William, and still around Ensiklonesia, now the Ensiklonesia users are increasing (quite rapid?). Hhehe.. how many users there, Wil?

He said also about Jeffrey Zeldman’s Designing with Web Standards. Hehe.. want the book too? I also want that. Anyone want to buy us? Hehehe Probably, when I have that book, I will write like what Matt has on his site when the Mailman is Back.

Well about book, I don’t know why is it so difficult to have such book in Indonesia? Not even in the library. The book publish ten years ago seems to be difficult to find. Erggh book is knowledge. But, without book, we still gain knowledge right? Hehehe But if there is someone wants to buy me Jeffrey Zeldman’s Designing with Web Standards, I’ll be one of the happiest creature in the universe. ROFL.

Yeah, I’m just a dreamer I guess. Oh, Matt, I’m still working on the little article and tutorial, and hope when I finish it, I’m also come with some new buttons.

Well, I notice, that Indonesian WordPress users are getting greater and greater. Go! Go! Go! ** I also made some changes on WP files, translating it into Bahasa Indonesia! hahaha is it possible? I hope. So, unofficial release of WordPress in Bahasa Indonesia. When my friend wanted to install it, he asked me, and when I tell him in Bahasa Indonesia, he said, “Cuman kayak gitu? (Just like that?)” See, the problem is not the difficulty level, but the languages.**

Ergghh.. I think I have to stop typing now. Have a nice day, and it’s time to take a bath.