123RF Verification on Credit Purchase


Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal experience. 123RF did not request me to write this article and I’m not endorsed or paid for making this review.

Today, I just decided to purchase some credits under my account at since I need to get some images from there. After creating an account, I simply made a purchase. It was a simple process. When I made the my purchase, I was connected to my office VPN. So, I was detected in Singapore while I was physically in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

I filled in all billing information. I have been making lots of transactions using my credit cards, and I had most of them succeeded.

When I hit the purchase button, I got a notification saying that a verification process was needed and it would be by calling my phone number. I waited for the next few minutes. But, I didn’t get any phone call (on my mobile number).

So, I decided to contact 123RF from its Live Chat feature. So, I provided the customer service staff with my invoice number and some basic information about my order and account. The customer service staff informed me to make verification process based on the instruction sent to my email. She also requested my mobile number again and I gave her my numbers.

I replied the email with the information about my full name, bank account information, and my home address. I provided all the information based on my credit card information. No credit card number of verification number provided during this process.

In the next few seconds, I got a phone call from 123RF. She introduced herself as Jessica from 123RF, and she was using Bahasa Indonesia. She asked me for some details about my order and the situation that I made an order  from Singapore (while my address is in Yogyakarta, Indonesia). Of course, I was more than happy to give the best answer. Then, she told me that she would be back to work on my order.

After few minutes, I got another call from her telling that the credit was already under my account. I checked directly by refreshing my browser, and the credit was there.

Overall, I had a good experience on my first credit order. I know that each companies — when it comes to payment or security — has its own standard of the payment or security. 123RF has its own verification process. Based on my experience just now, 123RF made the verification simple enough.


How do I Rate My Uber Trips (in Jakarta)?

When I visit Jakarta, I usually took Uber as for my ride. So far, I have good experiences with Uber, a company founded back in 2009. I have some basic considerations on taking Uber. First, it’s cashless. This is a good point for my convinient. The second one is that it has applications that works. Last but not least, it’s cheaper compared to the regular taxi. Even sometimes, during the busy hours, Uber has different price.

I like the way Uber keeps its service quality by its rating systems. In most of the time, I gave 4 or 5-star rating for the drivers. But, how do I rate my trip? I will give 5-star rating on these following conditions:

  1. The driver contacts me first to confirm that he wants to pick me up. If I have the notification on my phone that a driver pick my order, I usually wait for one or two minutes while watching his location. Even if it’s still 5-10 minutes, I don’t mind waiting.
  2. The driver greets me and make sure that we both ready to start the trip. “Good morning… Shall we start the ride?” is a simple and nice greeting.
  3. The driver does not ask me for direction. Even I have Google Maps on my phone and I can see the route — and I know how to get to my destination, I prefer to the driver to start the trip without asking for route. But, if since there are many route alternatives, I appreciate if the driver give me suggestion for example due to the traffic.
  4. After arriving on the destination, if the driver reminds me to check my belongings and says ‘thank you’, I really appreciate that.





I know that it’s been a long time since Google introduced Chromecast. This week, I decided to get my Google Chromecast (2015) for my SONY TV. The setup was easy within minutes. I haven’t installed many apps, but casting YouTube videos from my Android phone, or iPad was super easy. At least, it’s wireless now.


Why I Pick Telegram as My Primary Messaging Platform?

Last year, I mentioned that I used Telegram and I enjoyed it. Been using for more than a year, I feel that it’s much better than the other messaging platforms. Well, I’m not using that many platforms to connect with other friends or colleagues if I consider the other options like LINE, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and many more. But, why Telegram?

Since I do not experience all messaging apps, I know that some other apps might be better. For now, I’m still considering that Telegram is the perfect option (for me) for some reasons.

Cross-platform and Multiple Sessions

Currently, I have multiple devices I use on my daily basis. Well, not really daily, but I usually switch between devices. I have 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina, iPhone 5, iPad 3rd generation, and Oppo Find 7. I have Telegram installed in those devices. It makes me stay connected. I can easily be in the conversation with friends, and especially colleagues. It’s flexibility to have multiple active session is my favorite!


Telegram offers great set of handy features. Go to Telegram’s website for complete features, but here are some of favorite features:

  • File sharing made easy. I can share various types of files, not only photos, videos, but also PDFs, Android packages (yes, I use this a lot at work), spreadsheets, or any other document types.
  • API. It can be integrated easily to make useful tools. I will give some examples in the bottom part of this article.

Simple, fast, and lightweight

I like it’s simplicity. It helps me a lot in communication. I feel that it’s fast, a core feature that a messaging app needs. Of course, there are some extended features like stickers — even we can make our own stickers, bots (hello, @BotFather), event animated GIF.


It’s a Telegram account and operated by machine.

Bots are simply Telegram accounts operated by software — not people — and they’ll often have AI features. They can do anything — teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect, integrate with other services, or even pass commands to the Internet of Things.

The other one is an inline bots.

With the new inline mode, bots become omnipresent and can be used as a tool in any of your chats, groups or channels – it doesn’t matter, whether the bot is a member or not. Inline bots can help you with dozens of different tasks, like quickly sending relevant GIFs, pictures from the Web, YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, etc.

At work, some of my colleagues made some handy tools based on this platforms.


TeamViewer users are being hacked in bulk

TeamViewer users are being hacked in bulk, and we still don’t know how

The statement went on to announce two measures being introduced in response to the large number of reported TeamViewer hijackings. The first, dubbed “Trusted Devices,” ensures that before a device can access an existing TeamViewer account for the first time, the account holder must explicitly confirm that the new device is trusted. TeamViewer is implementing the measure using an in-app notification that asks account holders to approve the device by clicking a link sent through e-mail. The second measure, called “Data Integrity,” provides automated monitoring that detects when an account has been hacked.


How come Facebook is able to show me ads for something I was searching on Google?

How come Facebook is able to show me ads for something I was searching on Google?. I’m also curious about this question. And got a great answer.

So, when you log into Facebook, you would be shown an ad from Apple. It does not matter that you were logged out of Facebook when you visited Apple’s website. The ad will be shown based on your browsing habits outside of Facebook. In a sense, Facebook might not even know that you visited Apple’s website, as the ads are created using your data (using tracking cookies) complied by the advertisers. In addition, you might see the same ad on other websites, too (not just on Facebook), as the same advertisers engage with different ad exchanges.


Let's talk about NOKN: A smart modular bag

I couldn’t remember how many bags I had. I was not so picky about the design, colors, or models. I only need some common criteria: it’s functional, and its price should be good. I don’t mind spending more cash on bags (or any other fashion items) as long as it’s good and it fits me.
Last year, I discovered NOKNbag. It’s a business by some cool guys in my hometown, Jogjakarta. One of them is my junior high school friend who I haven’t met for years. He  shared about NOKNbag products. I have to admit that it was cool. But, I decided not buying it right away. “Well, may be later…”, I thought. In some occasions, I saw more people having this kind of bag. And, I had a chance to experience this bag, to meet this bag in person. And, it only took me seconds to decide: I need to have one.
And, I didn’t buy one. Not two, but also bought  special vouchers (worth around 50% off) for all friends at work. We invaded NOKN’s studio — it’s not far from the my office — to do a live mix-and-match. These are some items we bought back in 2013.
The collection has only simple name: NOKNbag v2.1. And, it’s only a single product, but each element can be purchased separately. Some color options are also available. This is my configurations (I don’t always have them at once, anyway):

  • One Metal Gun body color
  • 3 flaps (red, blue, and white)
  • 1 shoulder pad (Metal Gun)
  • Inside Partition (Grey)
  • Laptop case (Grey). I can bring my 15″ MacBook Pro Retina Display!

Some customers mentioned that they could bring lots of stuff in it. And, they’re right. When I need to do a short trip (2-3 days) to Jakarta for example, I only bring one bag that contains these following items: 15″ MacBook Pro (with its MagSafe), iPad (with charger), iPhone, 3 t-shirts, 2 skirts, 2 shirts, small towel, and some stationaries.
It’s  my primary (and daily) bag. It’s my companion for work, or business trip.


Michigo, restoran di Jogjakarta dengan sajian menu masakan Korea

Soal makanan, saya sebenarnya tidak terlalu memiliki selera yang khusus. Mulai dari makanan/camilan tradisional sampai dengan mungkin kategori makanan yang “ini namanya apaan, dan makannya juga bagaimana caranya nggak ngerti”.

Di Jogjakarta sendiri, muncul semakin banyak pilihan bagi mereka yang ingin melampiaskan hobi kuliner. Banyak pilihan tempat makan mulai dari yang menyediakan menu tradisional, sampai dengan sajian dengan cita rasa luar (negeri). Salah satu yang sempat beberapa kali saya lihat adalah hadirnya restoran Korea dengan nama Michigo — dengan tagline: “The Awesome Korean Food“, di daerah Jalan Colombo, tidak jauh dari kawasan Universitas Gadjah Mada dan Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.


Cuma, walaupun sering lewat, saya malah belum pernah mampir untuk mencicipi. Sebelumnya saya pernah mencoba makan di restoran dengan label “Korean Restaurant”. Ada yang cukup cocok dengan selera lidah saya, tapi ada yang memberikan sensasi kurang cocok. Ya, maklumlah karena lidah saya bisa dikatakan lidan ndheso. :)

Belum juga sempat merasakan suasana dan menu dari Michigo yang sering saya lewati, restoran tersebut baru saja membuka gerai keduanya di Ambarrukmo Plaza Yogyakarta. Kebetulan, beberapa kali saya sempat terlibat obrolan dengan orang yang berada dibelakang hadirnya restoran ini. Dan, pada saat pembukaan gerai baru pada akhir pekan ini, saya mendapat kesempatan untuk mencicipi dan merasakan beberapa menu yang ditawarkan.

Michigo Indonesia, Ambarrukmo Plaza

Konsep (digital) self-service

Sempat saya lihat informasi di situsnya, Michigo ini menawarkan konsep self-service. Memang, konsep semacam ini mungkin belum terlalu populer (di Indonesia). Betapa tidak, konsep secara umum ketika makan di tempat makan adalah konsumen mendapatkan layanan mulai dari pemesanan, makanan sampai di meja, dan meninggalkan tempat makan. Hanya itu.

Michigo melakukan pendekatan yang sedikit berbeda. Ada sesuatu yang menarik disini. Apakah ini akan bisa berjalan? Saya sempat tanyakan, dan ternyata walaupun belum 100% bisa berjalan, tapi konsep seperti ini mulai diterima. Parameternya, lebih banyak konsumen yang akhirnya “ikut dalam permainan/aturan main ini”.



Nice People and Good People

How to hire good people instead of nice people

Nice people care if you like them; good people care about you. Nice people stretch the truth; good people don’t. If you tell a nice person to do something evil, they might do it because they do not want to upset you; a good person will refuse to do it. Nice people will allow you to hire them even if they know they are not among your best candidates; a good person won’t let you hire them unless that is what is best for you.


Jadi, bagaimana tempat/suasana kerja yang seharusnya?

Sekitar dua tahun lalu, saya pertama kali melihat salah satu episode TED Talks, dengan pembicara Jason Fried, founder dari 37signals. Jika belum pernah mendengar 37signals, ini adalah sebuah perusahaan teknologi dengan produk yang populer, salah satunya adalah Basecamp — sebuah layanan untuk mengatur sebuah pengaturan proyek (project management).

Walaupun sudah lama, tapi mungkin baru satu atau dua tahun ini saya semakin masuk ke dalam apa yang disampaikan dalam episode tersebut. Padahal, video tersebut sudah dirilis akhir tahun 2010 yang lalu. Ya, hampir tiga tahun lalu! Tapi, semuanya terasa sangat relevan sampai saat ini. Paling tidak, untuk saya dan hal-hal yang terkait dengan keseharian pekerjaan atau lingkungan pekerjaan saat ini, maupun sebelumnya.

Oh ya, jika belum melihat videonya, silakan meluangkan waktu untuk melihatnya.

Jika ingin melihat dengan terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia, bisa melihat juga langsung di situs TED. Dalam video tersebut, secara garis besar menyoroti tentang bagaimana sebuah ekosistem pekerjaan berjalan. Tentang pentingnya kantor, bagaimana pegawai/karyawan bekerja, dan beberapa hal yang mungkin bisa jadi pertimbangan dalam menciptakan sebuah kultur pekerjaan yang produktif. Muaranya, pada kelangsungan bisnis, pekerjaan, dan ekosistem orang-orang didalamnya. Menarik. Hal lain lagi dan yang terus dibicarakan adalah bahwa pekerjaan bisa dilakukan dimana saja. Terdengar tidak asing?

Bulan Febuari 2013 yang lalu, Marissa Mayer, CEO dari Yahoo! membuat keputusan yang bertentangan dengan konsep Jason Fried. Marissa justru memberlakukan aturan bagi pekerja untuk bekerja di kantor Yahoo!. Ada yang bilang bahwa ini adalah keputusan yang tepat, tapi ada juga yang melihat bahwa ini keputusan yang sebaiknya tidak dilakukan. Lalu, siapa yang benar?


Personal Experience: Does Find My iPhone really work? For me, it does.

Having some Apple products, I read lots of news regarding the products or the company like product updates, rumors, etc. One of them is about the story about stolen/missing products. Today, I almost lost my New iPad. I was lucky to have in back within hours. How?
Today, it was just like regular day. I went to the office in the morning. Since I’m now in Jakarta, I take taxi almost everyday to reach the office. I like spending my time reading using Flipboard, checking Twitter timeline using Tweetbot, or reading emails. After few hours, I just realised that I didn’t have my iPad with me. I was panic. The first thing I did was remembering the taxi number. Usually, I remember the taxi number, or even taking its picture. But, today I completely forgot about it. The only thing I remembered was taxi company. It was Express Group.
There are many opinions regarding Express Group services. I also have my experiences with this company. In most cases, I have positive experience with them. For today, I have a good and nice service. Thank you, Express Group!
The first thing I did was opening Find my iPhone app on my iPhone. I tried to locate my iPad. And, I found its location. Nice. But, I was not sure whether it was still with the taxi driver, or someone already had it. I located and activated the “Lost Mode” from iCloud website, and created a message asking to contact me. I gave both my cell numbers. I also hit the “Play Sound” button.


I called the customer service number, and explained the situation. I told the operator about the situation. After that, I refreshed Find my iPhone on my iPhone. When I was in the taxi, I told the taxi driver — still from the same company — that I left my iPad. When I checked my iPad, it’s not far from my location. I asked the taxi driver to drive me to my iPad location. I was sure that the taxi driver kept it for me. I kept thinking positive. Almost every minute, I always check the latest location. And, it was moving. The “problem” with checking the position from mobile device is that it’s not real-time. So, within 30 seconds, it was moving from one location to another pretty fast. Especially, because the traffic was good.
So, how’s the location history? See the screenshot below.
When I tried to reach a destination, I realised that the taxi (which brought my iPad) was passing. Taking another turn? Way too late. At least I tried. Again, I only hope that: the taxi drive had my iPad, he kept it with him, and — more importantly — he would bring it back to the station and contacted me. I decided to go back to the office after knowing that the taxi went to Sudirman area.
I checked again from my MacBook Pro. It’s still moving. I had to admit that I was amazed with the location report.
Screenshot iPad Lost
I tried to hit the “Play Sound” again. In the next few seconds, I got a phone call. I picked it up. And, he asked me whether I was the one who left something in red case in the taxi. Voila! The taxi driver called me telling that he had my iPad with him!
I talked to him, asking about his position — of course I already knew it from my iPad’s location. I quickly asked him about the taxi number. It was: BC 5713. I told him whether he was able to drive to the office, and I also told him to keep my iPad with him. He agreed to bring it after his lunch.
I was happy. I am happy, of course.

Lessons learned

It was the first time I used Find my iPhone feature — and I hope I don’t need to use it again! — in real case scenario. Here are few things I learned:

  • Turning Location Service on the device is useful. Yes, it consumes more battery power.
  • Apple Maps did a great job.
  • Checking the device location from iPhone does not give you the real-time location info. But, from my MacBook, I have almost real-time respond. That’s what I found. Not sure whether it happens this way, or not.
  • Turn Auto-Lock ON.
  • I have to be more careful.

When I was in the meeting, the taxi driver called me. I run from the second floor, and met him. He handed me the iPad. I promised myself that I would give him something for his effort and honesty. He said sorry because it took time for him to arrive because of the bad traffic. I said thank you. I gave him some money. He refused to accept it. But, I insisted.
Few minutes later, I texted him to say thank you for his kindness. Then, I called the taxi operator asking for information about the taxi driver’s name, and his station. I also told the operator about the good experience — especially about the kind and honest taxi driver. Thank you Pak Heru!
Happy ending? Yes. Want to be in the same situation again? Definitely not!


Ulasan Apple iPhone 5

Minggu lalu, saya berkesempatan untuk memiliki iPhone 5. Seminggu terakhir ini, saya mecoba untuk selalu menggunakan iPhone 5 dalam aktivitas sehari-hari, menggantikan iPhone 4 milik saya sebelumnya. Dan, saatnya menuliskan sedikit ulasan mengenai iPhone 5 ini. Oh ya, ulasan ini merupakan pendapat pribadi saya, sebagai salah satu pengguna produk Apple — disamping beberapa produk lain yang saya punya/gunakan akhir-akhir ini (iPhone 4, New iPad, Lumia 800, HTC Desire HD, dan BlackBerry 9860).



Paket penjualan dalam kardus iPhone 5 cukup standar. Dikemas dalam sebuah kardus yang mirip dengan iPhone 4, cuma dengan ukuran yang sedikit lebih besar. Lalu, apa saja isi dalam kardus paket penjualan ini?

  • Sebuah iPhone 5 — yang saya miliki adalah sebuah iPhone 5 berwarna hitam, dengan kapasitas 16GB.
  • Apple EarPods
  • Adaptor dan kabel Lightning to USB.
  • Buku panduan

Kesan yang saya dapatkan ketika memegang iPhone 5 untuk pertama kali adalah bahwa iPhone 5 ini lebih terasa lebih enteng (dibandingkan iPhone 4 yang biasa saya pakai). Walaupun diklaim memiliki berat 20% lebih ringan (sekitar 112 gram), tapi tidak terasa terlalu enteng. Cukup ringan, tapi saya masih mendapatkan kesan yang kokoh dan padat.


Alasan mengapa saya ingin punya iPhone 5

iPhone 5. Ya, saya ingin memilikinya.

iPhone bukanlah produk pertama kali dari Apple yang saya miliki. Produk pertama yang saya beli adalah sebuah MacBook Pro pada Agustus 2010 lalu. Kecintaan saya pada produk Apple mulai muncul ketika saya menggunakannya sehari-hari. Saya merasa bahwa produktivitas saya semakin bertambah, beban di pundak juga semakin ringan karena MacBook lebih ringan daripada komputer jinjing saya sebelumnya.

Tahun berikutnya, saya membeli sebuah iPhone 4 (16 GB) di bulan Agustus 2011. Saya merasa bahwa ini keputusan yang tepat. Saya suka bagaimana produk tersebut didisain, dan tentu saja fitur-fitur yang ditawarkan. Saya suka produk yang bagus yang bisa menunjang kebutuhan saya sehari-hari, baik pekerjaan, maupun aktivitas sehari-hari. Setahun kemudian, New iPad (64 GB) menemani saya dalam keseharian.

Di bulan 14 Desember 2012, ini iPhone generasi terbaru (iPhone 5) hadir di Indonesia. Dan, saya menginginkannya. Memang benar ada alasan untuk tidak membelinya. Misalnya harga yang terlalu mahal, fitur yang sebenarnya banyak dimiliki oleh ponsel lain, dan masih banyak lagi. Tapi, tentu saja ada alasan untuk membelinya, dan alasan tersebut bisa sangat subyektif. Ini alasan saya mengapa saya menginginkan sebuah iPhone 5.

Disain: Dimensi Baru

iPhone 5

Dari tampilan salah satu perbedaan mencolok adalah dari sisi ukuran yang lebih tinggi. Pertama kali saya mengikuti informasi peluncuran produk iPhone 5 ini, saya merasa penasaran. Lebih tinggi, tetapi tidak lebih lebar. Saya merasakan iPhone 4 yang saya miliki sudah memiliki ukuran yang pas dalam genggaman saya. Walaupun kadang karena saya merasa bahwa jika layar lebih tinggi, harusnya tidak menjadi masalah. Jari saya memang mungkin tergolong agak panjang. Paling tidak sampai dengan saat ini, saya bisa menjangkau semua bagian layar ketika saya memegang iPhone 4 saya dengan satu tangan. Saya sudah mencoba beberapa ponsel pintar dengan ukuran layar lebih tinggi, kadang tidak terlalu mudah untuk bekerja dengan satu tangan.


Dear Yahoo! Mail, how are you?

There is a fact that Yahoo! Mail is probably one of my first email service providers. Not sure about the exact date I created my account, but I think it was in 2000’s. It was the time when Yahoo! was so popular, had lots of services, and interesting products. Probably, it was also because that there were not many alternatives. Yahoo! Mail was a good choise.
But, it has been years. Many services — not only email — come and go. But, when we jump to the internet world, everybody will get an email. Not only about the very basic features (sending and receiving email), but email service should be build better, answering what users need. What internet users really need.
Let’s not forget also about some other services. Google launched its Gmail in April 2004 (so, it has been 8 years). Recently, Microsoft re-launched its Hotmail as Every service tries to make improvements for its users to deliver the best product and features for them. This is how Yahoo! Mail inbox looks like.

If you have a Yahoo! Mail account, just try to login and see yourself. What do you think? Well, what do I think? And, why I’m writing this post, anyway? If I don’t like it, why should I write about it? Isn’t it easier to just leave it?


Snapjoy: Backup and organize your photos

As a person who loves to photography, I think Snapjoy is an answer to some problems. What is Snapjoy? It’s a service that will help you organize your photos. The word ‘organize’ here is about putting photos you’ve uploaded to multiple services in one place, and organize them. Anyway, I like its name: ‘snap’ and ‘joy’.
There are a lot of tools and services that deals with photos. There are many ways to take photos (digital cameras and mobile devies), and to share photos (you can name services that put photos as their primary contents). But, there are problems:

  • It takes time to have them organised in one place. I like having my photos uploaded to Flickr. I like sharing photos using Instagram. Some of you might also live to have your photos stored to Google Picasa. Some photos go to one service, and the others go to another services. They’re all might be distributed.
  • Not all services are integrated one another. If I upload a my photo to Instagram, I can directly upload it to Flickr for example. But, I don’t this for some reasons.
  • Backup, and backup. Photos are memories. I want to keep it safe. Having them stored in a hardrive is great, but if you have lots of photos, it takes more effort to have them organised and backed up. Yes, there is a service like Backupify that will help you backup your photos from Flickr to storage service. It’s an option.

Having valuable contents backed up and distributed in multiple locations is a good scenario. But, having all of them organised is another thing to think about.

Snapjoy answers some of these problems. By having an account at Snapjoy — it’s free –, you will be able to import (well, I think it can be defined as “backup” too) all you photos from multiple services. Currently, you can import  your Instagram, Flickr, and Google Picasa photos. The process is easy. Connect your Snapjoy to those services, and hit the import button.
I tried to import my Instagram photos and it took less than 5 minutes to have around 500 Instagram photos transfered to Snapjoy. And, a new “Instagram” album is created automatically. All your photos will be stored by Snapjoy (and it utilises Amazon Simple Storage Service). So, you have the copy of all photos somewhere else.
The good thing is that Snapjoy will also help you organize them. I personally like the way Snapjoy display the photo archive. There are few things that can be done to have it better like keeping the photo information (It seems that photo tags are not imported).
After you have your photos managed by Snapjoy, you can enjoy some other features offered. I like the its “Remember When…”. Basically, it’s just shuffling photos in the collection. It might be easy to recognise photos taken last week, or last month. But, if you want to challenge your memory, try to recognise photo taken three or four years ago.
All imported photos are stored privately by default. You can later share them with friends. Interesting to see its upcoming social features.
It’s a free service now, and I think it will not be free forever. There are some technical costs that have to paid. But, as long as it offers people who love to keep their valuable memories something that they really need, I think people will be. Well, I don’t mind paying for a good service/product. I know that Snapjoy will improve its service. I personally would like to have these features:

  • Options to export all photos to other backup service. If it’s a paid feature, I don’t mind. So, Snapjoy will be the “bridge” between service. It’s already a bridge, but making connection to another service is also cool.
  • Keep the photo information during the import.
  • Keep the original photo size. I’m not sure which photos imported when it has multiple sizes. Having the original photos imported should be great.

Anyway, this service is not only about importing. You can also upload your photos directly there. You can upload from the web, or using and desktop uploader called “Shoebox“. My Flickr photo import is still processing. Let’s see the results later.