TransJogja (unofficial) site

This month, a new mass transportation system started to operate in Jogjakarta. It’s Trans Jogja. When I heard the news, I tried to get as much information as possible. But, I was unlucky. There were less information available (on the internet). Even when I checked the local goverment’s official website… I could not find any useful information.
When there was a tryout period, it was hard to find the brochures, or any information kit. From this situation, my friend (Yan Arief) and I got an idea to build a site to provide information about Trans Jogja. Hopefully, this site can be an alternative information for people in Jogjakarta and all other people who want to find information from the internet. Here we go… the unofficial site of Trans Jogja, located at
When I was about to start building this site, I decided to use WordPress. But, later… I changed my mind, I switched to Drupal. After struggling with this platform — I almost forgot last time I used Drupal — this site was silently launched. So far, we have positive feedbacks. For the last update, I would like to thank to Suara Transjakarta for the inspiration. :)

Rainy Season and Electricity Problem

It’s raining now. It’s a good thing to have rain here. In the last few months, it was hot, really hot in Jogjakarta. At least I can get more friendly weather. The problem is, I live in an unlucky area. I do not know the real problem, but I think it’s because the electricity network in my area is not that good. Not only in rainy season, during the normal weather condition, I got many electricity problem. It went out. It just did.
Last night, the electricity went out. I was in the bathroom. Ah! After lighting some candles, I went outside. Going to the street. And, it’s only in my area. It’s not the first time. Whenever there’s an electricity problem, it’s always in my area. I know, some areas had it too. Argghhh!
Is it too much if I want to have a good electricity service? Or, is it only a dream? Oh, well…

I am going to Pesta Blogger 2007

I am going to Pesta Blogger 2007
We (Lala and I) already got the invitation to join Pesta Blogger 2007. So, it will be next week. Last night, I talked with Yan Arief and we decided to go together. And I think Yeni, too. We will go there on October 26 by train. I still haven’t got info from other bloggers from Jogjakarta.
Okey, see you there!
PS: The event will take place at BLITZ MEGAPLEX GRAND INDONESIA. Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1, not Hard Rock Cafe.
Added later: Here are the list of participating bloggers.

Garuda Indonesia GA-200 crashed in Jogjakarta

Today, another plane Garuda Indonesia Boing 737-400 (GA-200) crashed in Jogjakarta. I heard this news for the first time from Jogja TV (the local TV station) by phone. She — I think she is a Jogja TV reporter — told me the story (about the plan accident). Then, she asked me about Mr. Suwardjono‘s phone number — he is my uncle. I think she got info that Mr. Suwardjono was one of the passengers.

I directly gave her his phone number (also his house, and his wife’s). I had no idea what happened at that time. I was cleaning my room when I got the call. I was not in front of my computer. I did not watch television. I was panic.
Then, I dialed Suwardjono’s mobile number. He replied. We had a brief conversation. He told me that he was fine, his seat was near the emergency exit. Thank God! Having got the information from him, I went back to my computer, reading the news. Oh my…
I sent an email to his daughter in US, to let her know about the accident (and tell her that her dad is fine).
Photo courtesy

Bird flu hits Jogjakarta?

I just heard a news from Buletin Siang (RCTI). The news reported that there was one died because of bird flu in Jogjakarta. One child from Magelang (near Jogjakarta) was died. Few months ago, there was a bird flu case in Bantul (near Jogjakarta too). And the story gone.

It is so HOT

The weather is SO hot here in Jogjakarta — sigh. Not comfort. I think the sun has a new baby right now — or there are the sun’s another great grand parent? Hey look… the sun is going on vacation… look.. there are nine suns there! No wonder the weather is so hot. Huhuhuhuhu…

Jambi Part 2

Today, make a reservation — Done. By Merpati Nusantara, Departure Flights 07 January 2004, 9:45 am, Cengkareng.
Killy goes too. From Jogjakarta to Jakarta by train. I am going to buy another two tickets for Killy. From Jogjakarta Jan 6th, 2004, 8 PM, and from Cengkareng 9:45 AM. Hope we will have a nice trip.
The bad news is, I don’t have any pulsa, all gone in three days –argh!

Jogjakarta Art Festival

I think today, I’m going to go to Jogjakarta Art Festival. Lala, Rapa ONE YEAR! Hehehe yeah, I met them about a year ago. Uhm I don’t know what special on this-year Jogjakarta Art Festival (known as FKY/Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta). But one of the events is about International Kite Festival. It will be held on the next July. Yeah, international, not only national. Erggh I’m still dreaming of my stuntkite. Anyone want to buy me a Stuntkite? If you don’t know what stunt kite is, take a look at this picture.
So, if people talk about wishlist, this stunt kite is one of my wishlist. Hehehe someday, I’ll buy one. *but don’t know when* And I want it with some accessories like windshocks, kite bag, handles like a kite-flyer. *pstt I’m still dreaming :)* Eerrghh.. wake up Thomas!
Well, now about template. I wrote a bit about Steal This Template, right? Now, I have made one of my templates for public. You can see and download it, and some people have joined Warnadunia Forum, have a nice discussion friends. So, the forum focuses on Weblog, and some other development. So, if you want music, entertainment, sports, don’t go there.
It’s almost 7 AM now, I think I need sleep. Have a nice weekend all!