WordPress’ Gutenberg New Editor. Yes or No?

I have been using Gutenberg on this site once it was available last year. I have been witnessing how WordPress changed its editor time to time. From its very simple editor, more complex, to the latest one.

WordPress’ Matt already posted a very long Q&A on Gutenberg. I think the article already covered the big ideas behind Gutenberg. At the moment, Gutenberg works really well with the theme I currently using, Atomic Block. It just works.

But again, it’s all about text editor. For regular WordPress user like me, Gutenberg works really well. I mean, I could have what I expect from a text editor. Reading from the plugin page, it seems that there are many unhappy users.

Back to the question. Is Gutenberg a Yes or a No? For me, it’s a Yes.


Gutenberg, disain baru tempat menulis di WordPress.

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