Gmail POP

Google Brings E-Mail Client Access to Gmail. (other info)Eh!

Google Date

What happened on that date?

Firefox toolbar

Google Firefox Toolbar.

Google Desktop

Google Desktop: Search your own computer.


GooglME: An Interface For Google SMS. (via)

Mail Notifier

Mail notifier for Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and POP3 accounts.

Gmail Skinning

Not satisfied with Gmail skin? Make your own Gmail skin! Thanks to CSS.

Gmail Suggest

Gmail: Help Center. Anything to suggest?

Around Google

Google Print, Can’t Find On Google, Gmail Notifier Updated.

It is more about attitude

Some Indonesians bloggers has interesting topics I think. First about a guy named Roy Suryo. And the next thing about Anne Ahira.

Roy Suryo

Roy Suryo, Roy Suryo, Roy Suryo, Roy Suryo, Roy Suryo, Roy Suryo, banyak ketemu di weblog. This is freedom of speech, right? Pakai MT 2.661 karena free dan authornya lebih dari satu?. “How to encounter this? Start blogging and start writing. Why not start writing? I have no idea. pak?”

Gmail Invitation

I got another six invitations for GMail account. If anyone still interested, just let me know in the comment.

Updated: I have sent some invitations. I do not know whether it is in the same condition with Yahoo! Mail. So, if you requested and your email used in this comment is … please check your Bulk.

Not so important… Ranked :)

I just curious how my people who do not want to come here come. The word “thomas” is sometimes shows up as a search query.

And, I tried try to find “lala” at Yahoo! also. Oops… :)
Have a great weekend all!

When Googlebot comes

Does Googlebot come to your site? What is Googlebot? Googlebot is Google’s web-crawling robot. It collects documents from the web to build a searchable index for the Google search engine. (as quoted from
A nice post at scriptygoddess about Get an email when Google visits written by Jayant Kumar Gandhi – If you’re interested, why don’t you continue reading?
Updated July 18,2003:
Well, it works! Googlebot crawled my site.