Bloglines will be closed on October 1, 2010

If you use Bloglines, it’s time to move to another RSS reader services/tools. Bloglines will be closed on October 1, 2010. More details about this can be found in a blog post. A little bit background, Bloglines is a web-based RSS reader. It was pretty popular few years ago, and Ask Jeeves acquired this service back in 2005.
If you visit Bloglines homepage, you should see a notification about the closing and also some guides on how to migrate your RSS subscriptions to other service. I have migrated my subscriptions to Google Reader long time ago. Just in case you need to backup your subscription, you can do it now.


Flickr Photo Upload using Gravity? This is good!

I have Gravity installed on my Nokia 5800 XM mobile phone, and so far this is one of my favorite application. If you’re not familiar with Gravity, it’s a Twitter client for S60 platform. It also support Foursquare, Facebook and also Google Reader. Very nice! It’s not free, but it’s not expensive also — I bought it for less than US$10. You only need to purchase a license once.

Today, Jan Ole Suhr (Gravity developer) tweeted an update and he put a link to his Flickr photo page. Right now, I’m using Gravity version 1.30 build 6501. Gravity already support direct photo upload to some services like Twitpic, MobyPicture, Yfrog and also But, seeing the screenshot above, it will support Flickr also. Yes, this is good since I use Flickr. Now, waiting for an update.


Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta: First Impression

Two days ago, I gave Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta a try on my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. This application will help Nokia users to keep update with the social media services — in this case Facebook and Twitter. Of course, it’s still in beta so I should not expect too much.
The installation process was easy and I didn’t have any problems. Everything was smooth. This early preview is available on the Nokia N97, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia 5530, Nokia 5800, and the Nokia X6 devices. Go to if you want to see applications from Nokia Messenging for your device.
After having this application installed, I used it right away. When running the application for the first time, I got this welcome screen:
Home Screen
I use Twitter more than Facebook. First, I use the Twitter feature. Here’s the login sreen:


Posterous' New Dashboard

Right now, I only have an active Posterous-powered site. But, if you manage multiple posterous sites, you should love the improvements. Posterous introduced a new dashboard interface. This is a page where you can manage your Posterous sites easier. In September, Posterous already introduced some features. Now, you have more reasons to start using Posterous.
Posterous' Dashboard
I like the changes anyway. The navigation help its users to identify the current active site they’re managing. Also, the new design is easier to navigate. All site-related menus are placed in a tab-style navigation.
The other additional menus are presented below. Previously, I think it was not easy to find the “Theme Settings”, now it’s clearly visible there. Great job, Posterous!
Also, if someone subscribe to your Posterous sites, they should get the new posts faster as Posterous now works together with PubSubHubbub.

In addition, we’ve just added support for PubSubHubbub with the help of our friends at Superfeedr. For everyone, this will mean your posts will appear in Google Reader much faster, as they’re gradually rolling out PubSubHubbub support. This is in addition to our SUP realtime support that we added to make your posts show up in FriendFeed even faster. Both SUP and PubSubHubbub are enabled now for all posterous blogs. If you’re a developer and want to take advantage of this, head on over to our PubSubHubbub hub. (source)


Google Reader New Design. I like it!

I just logged in to Google Reader to read new updates. And I saw something different. Well, not just small changes, but huge changes on its design. Google Reader is redesigned.
google reader new
I like its new design. It’s cleaner, no rounded corner there. Square is the new round? I like it!


Google Reader Problems

Today, I had problem opening Google Reader. I am not sure what caused it, because I did nothing unusual using my laptop. I noticed that it happened after I had Google Chrome installed. But, I am NOT saying that Google Chrome caused this issue. Not sure about this (Thanks Yogi for the correction).
The problem was that I have my browsers stopped loading. I even tried almost all browsers installed on my laptop. No luck. Doh! I am sure it’s not about the internet connection. Because I could not figure out how to solve this issue, I tried to re-install Google Gears. Before I did that, I disabled Greasemonkey script used by Google Reader (in Firefox).
After having Google Reader re-installed, I opened Google Reader page again. Surprise! It’s back to normal again now. At least I do not have to switch to another web-based RSS reader.


Some Opera Features I Don't Use

Even Opera offeres many features to get the most from a web browser, I do not use all of them on my daily basis. Sometime, I do not use them at all. This is similar to other technologies like mobile phone. There are many features, but usually, we do not use them all even they’re all there. So, here are some Opera features I do not use (or, I only use some of its features):

  • Opera Built-in Email Client — I like reading email from the web (using browser). This is because email client does not suit me — especially related to my internet connection speed.
  • Feed Reader — I already have hundreds of feeds in my Google Reader.
  • Chat — I am not comfortable using Opera built-in chat.
  • Opera Widgets — I use it but only some (less than 10 widgets).

There are still many Opera capabilities, of course. I just like when I use Opera to browse the internet; using Opera as web browser.


On Opera 9.5

I did not wait any longer to download Opera 9.5. It’s still fresh, and because I’m comfortable with this browser. Because I do not have many addons — like in Firefox, I just upgraded it. The upgrade process was easy, just like doing a fresh install.
The new interface looks great and well-polished. The window tab is redesigned and I think it’s much better than before. Look at the screenshot below. It uses the standard skin, special effects-enabled with “Sand” color scheme.
Opera 9.5 Standard Skin
I am not saying that I do not like the new skin desin, but I like to have it simpler. Previously, I use another skin called “Flat”. I want to keep my Opera clean so that I can focus on the website content. Here is my current skin using the same color scheme. It has slimmer tabs, not many colors, and smaller icons… and I like it.
Opera Flat Skin
I do not use all features offered by Opera because I do not use Opera as my other applications like RSS reader, email client, or chat. I choose to use web-based service like Gmail and Google Reader. About other accessories, I have some Opera widgets installed: Ruler, The Colours of The Rainbow and CSS Help. Well, I miss Firefox when it’s about extensions/addons. But, it’s fine for me if I do not have them in Opera. :)
I still want to have Opera as my best browser, but I still find it hard to have it really customized for me. I’d like have Greasemonkey really works in Opera. I know, it’s said that Greasemonkey already supported by Opera since Opera 8.0 (more about User Javascript). But, I still find it difficult to have work. Anyone? Overall, I love this release and I just hope there are more official tutorials to get the most from Opera (for users who already love Firefox); something like: How to get these in Opera?