Jogtug Celebrated 64th Anniversary of Indonesia's Independence

Few days ago, I joined @jogtug (Jogjakarta Twitter User Group) to celebrate 64th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence day. The community gathered in an event called #pitulasanTU (the word ‘pitulas‘ means “seventeen” in English). Why seventeen? Because Indonesia celebrates its independence day on Agustus 17.
#pitulasanTU took place at Gedung Agung, Malioboro, Yogyakarta. The idea was simple. We wanted to share something about Indonesia to tourists. And, we chose “gasing“, a traditional toy as the medium. We also handed some gifts to them. When we found tourists there, we talked to them, gave them the some souvenirs (pin and stickers), and asked them whether they wanted to play gasing with us.

14th Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival 2009

Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival (YGF) is an annual music event in Jogjakarta. This year, it’s the 14th festival and has “EVERYWHERE” as the event theme. Anyway, this event is organized by Gayam16. There are many agenda during this event including music performance, exhibition and also workshop from July 16-18.
This event also invites musicians from some cities like Pamekasan (Madura), Tolitoli (Central Sulawesi), Solo, Jakarta and also from United Kingdom, USA, France and Japan. It’s a little bit different now. Sapto Raharjo, a gamelan music maestro, was passed away in February 2009.
The music performances will be held in Concert Hall, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta from July 16-18, 2009. And here’s the program schedule:

  • Thursday — July 16, 2009
    • Concert (8PM – 11PM)
      • Y. Pamulangan Beksa Sasmita Mardawa (Yogyakarta)
      • Kutiplak Ndang Tak (Yogyakarta)
      • KPH9 (USA and Yogyakarta)
      • Agus Bing and Prabumi Ethnic Jazz Band (Solo)
      • Stupa (Yogyakarta)
    • Exhibition (10AM – 11PM)
      • Tribute to Sapto Raharjo
  • Friday — July 17, 2009
    • Concert (8PM – 11PM)
      • Gita Rarya (Yogyakarta)
      • Kito Siopo? (Japan, UK and Yogyakarta)
      • Alex Grillo and Friends (France and Yogyakarta)
      • Singgayan (Tolitoli, Central Sulawesi)
    • Talkshow (3PM – 5PM)
      • Cultural Dialogue (at Amphitheather, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta)
    • Exhibition (10AM – 11PM)
      • Tribute to Sapto Raharjo
  • Friday — July 18, 2009
    • Concert (8PM – 11PM)
      • Youngsters Gamelan 16 (Yogyakarta)
      • Rene Lysloff and SaKAna (USA)
      • Kabud Hitam (Pamekasan, Madura)
    • Workshop (1PM – 4PM)
      • Gamelan Nowadays (at Auditorium of Lembaga Indonesia Perancis)
    • Exhibition (10AM – 11PM)
      • Tribute to Sapto Raharjo

Pesta Blogger 2008

Last year, I joined Pesta Blogger (Indonesian Bloggers Gathering — official site). It was a great event (Flickr photoset). More than 500 bloggers gathered at Blitz Megaplex. This year (2008), Pesta Blogger will be hold in Jakarta again. At first, it was scheduled on October 25th. The commitee announced that it will be hold in November. Still haven’t got valid info about “when” and “where”. Ayway, this-year theme is: blogging for society.

I am going to Pesta Blogger 2007

I am going to Pesta Blogger 2007
We (Lala and I) already got the invitation to join Pesta Blogger 2007. So, it will be next week. Last night, I talked with Yan Arief and we decided to go together. And I think Yeni, too. We will go there on October 26 by train. I still haven’t got info from other bloggers from Jogjakarta.
Okey, see you there!
PS: The event will take place at BLITZ MEGAPLEX GRAND INDONESIA. Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1, not Hard Rock Cafe.
Added later: Here are the list of participating bloggers.