Harga Nama Domain .ID Naik per Akhir Juli 2019

Hari ini mendapatkan informasi melalui newsletter salah satu penyedia jasa layanan registrasi nama domain dan penyewaan server hosting mengenai perubahan harga registrasi/perpanjangan masa aktif domain .ID. Awalnya dulu harga registrasi mencapai Rp250.000,- per tahun. Namun, untuk menambah daya tarik, harga dasar diturunkan sehingga domain dapat dijual dengan harga separonya, bahkan lebih.

Namun, per 29 Juli 2019, harga nama domain .ID akan naik menjadi Rp250.000,- untuk pendaftaran baru maupun perpanjangan masa aktif — dari kisaran harga saat ini sekitar Rp110.000,- per tahun.

IDR 100K to Update Domain Registrant Contact and Domain Transfer for .ID Domains

If you’re having .ID domains — I do have some, you might heard about the news. That’s right, the news (it’s official!) said that starting from November 1, 2008, we need to pay IDR 100,000 (around US $10) to update Registrant Contact and/or Admin domain information. And, what makes it even better is that we need an formal letter. But, if we only need to update billing, technical contact and nameservers… it’s free.
Anyway, I posted about my experience about .ID domain renewal last year. With this new policy, I think I’ll avoid using .ID. If my clients want to register .ID domains, they should know about this first. It’s much cheaper — and easier — to have .COM!

Indonesian Railway LLC's Web Domain Expired

Anyone notice that the Indonesian Railway LLC‘s website (kereta-api.com) is inaccessible? Well, when I tried to get some train schedule from its website, I could not open the site. At first, I thought the problem was on the server. So, I waited.
I tried again after few hours. But, still… inaccessible. I whois-ed the domain name (kereta-api.com), and… surprise! It’s expired. Isn’t it amazing?
Added later: The domain had been renewed.

Get Information About Web Hosting Before You Buy One

I have been blogging for about 7 years. During that period, I experienced different types of situation — especially about dealing with many technical stuff. Let’s take the technical aspects of blogs. In my early years, I tried many blog services. And, when I wanted to move forward, I decided to get my first domain and hosting account. But, sometime I was unlucky because I got a bad service — bad uptime, not-responsive support staff, expensive service, etc.
These days, there are many hosting providers out there. Each of them offers many great features, discounts, and the price — sometimes — does not make any sense. The whole idea is that we — as customer — get many options of hosting providers. If we want to buy domain or hosting account, the process is very easy. The difficult part is getting the best service. Sometime, it’s easy. But, it can be tricky at the same time. Reading as many information about webhosting might be the best practice we can do. Just to make sure that we will make the best decision. For example, get the difference between Linux web hosting and windows web hosting.
There are many resources about web hosting articles, one of them is Web Hosting Articles & Tutorials. This site is provided by Web Hosting Rating. There are many useful articles, and those give us answers on common situation in choosing web hosting service. For example, we have a limited budget. A cheap web hosting account might be our solution. There is an article about finding reliable cheap web hosting. The article gives good information to consider:

When looking for a good web host, see if they provide 24-hour support and then proceed onto checking the response rate by sending a ticket with a question and seeing how long it takes for them to reply. The reason for this is simple – you want to get help as quickly as possible if you encounter any problems, or if the host has any problems.

If we question ourselves whether cheap web hosting is good or not, there is another information about this. Sometime, cheap web hosting can be good. Again, choosing a web hosting can be very tricky. It’s always good to spend few hours reading references. The website I mentioned offers many useful articles and it’s not only about choosing cheap or expensive web hosting. It also has articles about cPanel tutorials, domain names, etc. What makes it better is that it is using blog-like design. As bloggers — or even non-bloggers — this should be good because the articles are well-organized.

PANDI accepts two-year domain renewal

I have been using .id domains for quite long time. And, it has been a year since PANDI hold the domain registration service. Last year, PANDI only accepted domain registration for one year only for each domain. Now, they said that we can register and also renew our existing domains fot two years (read the press release).
My experience with PANDI is nice. I mean, I never got big problem on domain registration. Well, there was a little problem, but it seems they are improving their service. When I registered a domain for my client last few weeks, the only problem was because of incomplete documents. I thought it was fine, but PANDI needed more requirements. I was fine and told my client to send me some other documents. So, basically, as we go with the procedures, it should not be that difficult to get .id domains.