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Mozilla Indonesia Mascot celebrates Indonesian Heroes Day

Today (November 10), Indonesia celebrates its National Heroes Day (Hari Pahlawan). Hari Pahlawan commemorates the 1945 Battle of Surabaya.
KUMI - edisi Hari Pahlawan Indonesia
KUMI — Mozilla Indonesia mascot — celebrates by wearing Bung Tomo’s famous outfit. Bung Tomo is revolutionary leader in the 1945 battle. To remind you a bit about Kumi, it was firstly introduced on September 27, 2010 in Jakarta, Indonesia during Mozilla Indonesia Community Meetup. I think KUMI looks cute here.
According to Mozilla Indonesia’s blog, KUMI is also available in various traditional costumes like Bali, Sunda, Yogyakarta, Madura, Minahasa, Makassar, Kupang, Ambon, Papua and more. Here are some other KUMI’s outfits.
Papertoy KUMI "Garuda di dadaku"
Go to kumi.web.id for more photos or visit Mozilla Indonesia’s Flickr photostream.

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Jogtug Celebrated 64th Anniversary of Indonesia's Independence

Few days ago, I joined @jogtug (Jogjakarta Twitter User Group) to celebrate 64th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence day. The community gathered in an event called #pitulasanTU (the word ‘pitulas‘ means “seventeen” in English). Why seventeen? Because Indonesia celebrates its independence day on Agustus 17.
#pitulasanTU took place at Gedung Agung, Malioboro, Yogyakarta. The idea was simple. We wanted to share something about Indonesia to tourists. And, we chose “gasing“, a traditional toy as the medium. We also handed some gifts to them. When we found tourists there, we talked to them, gave them the some souvenirs (pin and stickers), and asked them whether they wanted to play gasing with us.