Upload More Files to WordPress.com

A good news for WordPress.com users. If you have account at WordPress.com, you do not need to worry again about the upload space now. Right, now you can store files up to 3,000 mb. So, it’s not doubled from the previous quota, it’s 60 times bigger now. And, it’s free.

Akismet 2.1.2

Akismet 2.1.2 Screenshot
New version of Akismet (blog spam filter plugin) for WordPress was released few days ago. This updated plugin will filter comment spams by their types. The word “types” here means comments and trackbacks.
If you want to use this latest plugin, just download it right away. Since I have some other WordPress-powered blog to maintain, I think I’ll upgrade their Akismet plugin. It’s easy, and I believe that it’s better to have updated plugins. :)
Added later: There’s another plugin update. It’s 2.1.3 now. I have upgraded Akismet for some WordPress-powered blogs. Let’s see how it goes. Thanks Deny for the info.