Solution: Brain freeze Chromecast

I have a positive experience using Chromecast. Mostly, I use it to cast YouTube, and Spotify (sometime). But, recently I use Netflix more.

I did not how it was started, but yesterday I could not cast Netflix on my Chromecast. Nothing was changed. I used the exactly the same setup.

When I tried to cast YouTube, it worked without any issues, but not with Netflix. After few attempts, I finally have it worked again by reinstalling the Netflix app on my Android phone. Everything is back to normal again now.

Lambatnya Layanan Bank BTPN dan Belum Jadi Aktivasi Jenius di Yogyakarta

Setelah sekian lama mendengar mengenai Jenius dari Bank BTPN, baru beberapa hari lalu akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk mendaftarkan dan berencana mengaktifkan akun Jenius. Seluruh proses pendaftaran secara daring melalui aplikasi Jenius berbasis Android berjalan dengan lancar. Dan saya tinggal melakukan aktivasi.

Karena saya saat ini saya berdomisili di Yogyakarta, jadi proses aktivasi harus dengan mendatangi salah satu kantor cabang Bank BTPN. Untuk yang berdomisili di area Jabodetabek, Bandung, dan Surabaya proses ini cukup mudah karena ada layanan untuk verifikasi dengan didatangi kru Jenius.

Setelah saya mencari tahu dimana kantor cabang BTPN yang dapat melaksanakan aktivasi akun, saya akhirnya memutuskan untuk datang. Lokasi kantor cabang berada di lokasi yang cukup jauh dari tempat tinggal saya. Toh tinggal aktivasi saja, seharusnya urusan cepat — apalagi ini produk digital, jadi meluangkan waktu untuk urusan ini tidak masalah. Sekali datang, beres dengan cepat.

Ternyata tidak seperti yang saya bayangkan.

Saya datang sekitar pukul 09.50 WIB. Saat itu tidak terlalu ramai di area tunggu. Bahkan, ketika saya dibantu oleh satpam untuk urusan apa, saya jawab aktivasi Jenius, satpam juga langsung paham.

Setelah mendapatkan nomor antrian, saya duduk, kemudian mengamati situasi sekitar. Ada tiga loket teller, tapi hanya satu yang sepertinya melayani nasabah. Ketika melihat ke area layanan konsumen, ada tiga loket juga. Dan, hanya ada satu loket yang melayani nasabah.

“Ah, tunggu saja…,” begitu pikir saya.

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Selamat tinggal, Pebble Time

Setelah Pebble diakuisisi oleh Fitbit di akhir tahun 2016, saya sempat terpikir bagaimana nasib Pebble Time yang saya miliki, terutama terkait perbaruan perangkat lunak. Pebble Time ini adalah smartwatch satu-satunya yang saya miliki. Saya pilih warna hitam, dan istri saya warna putih.

Akhirnya, nasib Pebble diperjelas melalui rilis dari Fitbit yang mengumumkan penghentian dukungan untuk Pebble pada 30 Juni 2018. Setelah tanggal tersebut, Pebble akan menghentikan layanan Pebble appstore, forum, fitur pengenalan suara (voice recognition), membalas surel dan SMS dengan perangkat iOS, dan beberapa fitur lainnya. Aplikasi untuk Android dan iOS tidak akan mendapatkan perbaruan lagi.

Fitbit akan memberikan diskon US$50 bagi mereka yang sebelumnya telah memiliki perangkat Pebble sebelum 7 Desember 2016 untuk produk Fitbit Ionic. Saya sendiri belum berencana beli jam tangan baru. Yang terpikir saya malah ingin kembali ke analog.

Snow: Snapchat’s copy

I’m on Snapchat. Yes, that Snapchat. Since it’s banned in South Korea, the users from South Korea should have an alternative. And, there is Snow. Snow shares similar features with Snapchat.
…it is also gaining traction in China, where the country’s 700 million users make up the world’s largest internet market. There, Snow has a major advantage: Snapchat is blocked in China.

It’s available for iOS and Android.

Android N is… Nougat

I think more people think that Android N will have Nutella as its new name. But, recently Android announced that the official name for Android N is Android Nougat.

Wait, Nougat? I personally not familar with this. According to Wikipedia:

Nougat is a family of confections made with sugar or honey, roasted nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, and macadamia nuts are common), whipped egg whites, and sometimes chopped candied fruit. The consistency of nougat is chewy, and it is used in a variety of candy bars and chocolates. The word nougat comes from Occitan pan nogat (pronounced [ˈpa nuˈɣat]), seemingly from Latin panis nucatus ‘nut bread’ (the late colloquial Latin adjective nucatum means ‘nutted’ or ‘nutty’).


And, here’s a picture.

Image source:

Why I Pick Telegram as My Primary Messaging Platform?

Last year, I mentioned that I used Telegram and I enjoyed it. Been using for more than a year, I feel that it’s much better than the other messaging platforms. Well, I’m not using that many platforms to connect with other friends or colleagues if I consider the other options like LINE, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and many more. But, why Telegram?

Since I do not experience all messaging apps, I know that some other apps might be better. For now, I’m still considering that Telegram is the perfect option (for me) for some reasons.

Cross-platform and Multiple Sessions

Currently, I have multiple devices I use on my daily basis. Well, not really daily, but I usually switch between devices. I have 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina, iPhone 5, iPad 3rd generation, and Oppo Find 7. I have Telegram installed in those devices. It makes me stay connected. I can easily be in the conversation with friends, and especially colleagues. It’s flexibility to have multiple active session is my favorite!


Telegram offers great set of handy features. Go to Telegram’s website for complete features, but here are some of favorite features:

  • File sharing made easy. I can share various types of files, not only photos, videos, but also PDFs, Android packages (yes, I use this a lot at work), spreadsheets, or any other document types.
  • API. It can be integrated easily to make useful tools. I will give some examples in the bottom part of this article.

Simple, fast, and lightweight

I like it’s simplicity. It helps me a lot in communication. I feel that it’s fast, a core feature that a messaging app needs. Of course, there are some extended features like stickers — even we can make our own stickers, bots (hello, @BotFather), event animated GIF.


It’s a Telegram account and operated by machine.

Bots are simply Telegram accounts operated by software — not people — and they’ll often have AI features. They can do anything — teach, play, search, broadcast, remind, connect, integrate with other services, or even pass commands to the Internet of Things.

The other one is an inline bots.

With the new inline mode, bots become omnipresent and can be used as a tool in any of your chats, groups or channels – it doesn’t matter, whether the bot is a member or not. Inline bots can help you with dozens of different tasks, like quickly sending relevant GIFs, pictures from the Web, YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, etc.

At work, some of my colleagues made some handy tools based on this platforms.

Bye (legacy version of) Yahoo Messenger

Say goodbye to the old legacy versions of Yahoo Messenger — “On August 5, 2016, legacy versions of Yahoo Messenger will be discontinued. If you haven’t upgraded Yahoo Messenger recently, you’re probably using a legacy version. To continue using Yahoo Messenger, please upgrade to the newest version on mobile (iOS or Android) and desktop ( or from Yahoo Mail)”

ColorOS V2.1.1i Beta Android Lolipop on OPPO Find 7

After I lost my OPPO R819 few months ago, I finally decided to get another Android phone. And, I went with OPPO Find 7. Compared to other manifacturers, OPPO does not offer more frequent updates on its firmware. OPPO has its own operating system called ColorOS. Running on ColorOS, I have no problems, everything just running well.
The latest stable ColorOS for OPPO Find 7 is version 2.0.8i Kitkat. There are of course a way to get the other custom ROM developments like CyanogenMod, Nameless, or AOSP. Finally, few days ago, OPPO released its Lolipop-based ColorOS (V2.1.1i Beta) for Find 7/7a. Some basic features can be seen from the preview video below.

The detailed information on the release can be found at OPPO Community Forum thread. Previously, I had my Find 7 rooted and customized. In the discussion forum thread, there are some users reporting about the successful installation, and some file bugs. I finally took the risk to install the new distribution — and I chose to do a fresh install with these simple steps. It means, I erased everything in my phone with a new setup.

  • Download the package. It’s recommended to refer to this forum thread for the latest updates. The file is around 954 MB. Transfer the installation on the root directory to my phone.
  • I backup the files (especially photos) to my MacBook.
  • Turn off the phone.
  • Turn on the phone by pressing Power and Volume Up buttons until the logo appears to enter the recovery mode.
    • Follow the wizard, select “Wipe data and cache” option, click “Yes” to confirm.
    • Choose “Install from sd”, and navigate to the directory root. You should see the downloaded package there. On my installation, the file name is X9006&
  • Once the installation process completed, your phone will be rebooted. It takes time to boot. If the installation is successful, you will be greeted by some basic setup processes. Just follow the instructions.
  • Done.

I like the new look. There are some bugs — of course since this is a beta release — but I can live with them so far. According to the release, the updates will be also available OTA, which is good.

There are some new improvements and features offered in this release. One of them is the camera plugins which I like. I take photos a lot, and the camera-related functionalities are not easy to resist. It’s now time to install more Android applications and make some setting customizations.