Steve Irwin… no more 'Crikey!'

William just told me that Steve Irwin killed by stingray. At first, I was not sure about who Steve Irwin. But, after opening the … Ah! This Steven Irwin!
Yeah, Steven Irwins’ Crocodile Hunter is one of great TV programme. Many information we can get, right?

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steve death is such a trgical news>>i”ve been watching his show for yearsand i love it. he’s one of my favorite idol..i love his australian accent and his cool look..farewell to steve..World coolest crocodile hunter. =(

My heart bleed for the lost of Steve and also for his family. I have been watching him since day one. And I watch his memorial last night and it touch me so much and i just cried and seeing his children .. terri and his father really touch me deep. Good bye Steve and I will miss u.

OMG i can’t believe he died in his shows with crocodiles he never died and now he was’nt too careful but i loved his show it was soooo cool but now Good Bye STEVE

it was hard to believe he is gone and it hurt bad my dream was to meet him and his family some day but now i can’t u will alway be in my hart steven good bye and god bless the family virginia