Some Opera Features I Don't Use

Even Opera offeres many features to get the most from a web browser, I do not use all of them on my daily basis. Sometime, I do not use them at all. This is similar to other technologies like mobile phone. There are many features, but usually, we do not use them all even they’re all there. So, here are some Opera features I do not use (or, I only use some of its features):

  • Opera Built-in Email Client — I like reading email from the web (using browser). This is because email client does not suit me — especially related to my internet connection speed.
  • Feed Reader — I already have hundreds of feeds in my Google Reader.
  • Chat — I am not comfortable using Opera built-in chat.
  • Opera Widgets — I use it but only some (less than 10 widgets).

There are still many Opera capabilities, of course. I just like when I use Opera to browse the internet; using Opera as web browser.