Some glossaries related to webhosting

When we jump in to the internet life, like or not, we deal with many new vocabularies. We get new words like email, attachment, domain, and also webhosting. If we deal with blogging world, sometime we see other complicated words to understand like webhosting, dedicated server, virtual private servers, etc.
It’s a good thing if we know the definitions. We do not have to use or have them, but we can keep them as our references. Okey, for example the word dedicated server. We will not only talking about dedicated server, there are some other info we should know like shared hosting, reseller, etc. So, what is dedicated server mean? If we have a dedicated server, it means that we really have our server 100%. We can use entire hard disk, bandwidth and resources our server has. We talk about freedom. For some people who only need small amount of space and bandwidth, they probably do not need a dedicated server, but for a big company or those who have a busy-traffic website, they definitely need one.