Some Changes on Twitter Interface

Among various Twitter applications available, I only use Echofon. I also check ’s regularly when checking updates from my list, follow/unfollow other and some other activities that can be done from the website. Of course, there some Twitter text commands I can use.
Twitter made some changes on its website recently. Some of you might witness it, too. Here are few things I found since yesterday until today.

The update button now says “Tweet”. Previously, it was “Update”. Hmm.. any change the word “Tweet” included in the dictionary? Or, is it already there? And for the update notification, the background color is now light blue, not yellow.
Other actions like following/unfollowing, blocking should be easier now. Just put your mouse on the username and a nice popup will come out. This work also on the avatar. The menus provided will be based on your ‘relationship’ with the users — whether you’re following them or not. See screenshots below:

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