Say Good Bye to Flickr Set Limit and Welcome HD Videos!

After being a free member at Flickr (again), I noticed that my photostream displays more than three sets. It seems that Flickr has lifted its set limit — for free account. Right now, I can see lots of photo sets. So, what’s the exact number? Flickr writes:

We’ve lifted that limit and you’re now free to organize your most recent 200 photos into as many sets as you like.

Thank you Flickr! In short, it means that — for example — if your last 200 photos are organized into 10 sets, you will have 10 visible sets.
Another news is about HD videos support Flickr Pro members. Here are some points to notice:

  • Pro members can upload as many HD videos as they want. I hope I read it right.
  • Free members can only upload 2 videos per month. They can upload HD videos, BUT it will not be displayed in HD quality. If they upgrade to Pro account, the HD version will be available.
  • Video limits still apply: less than 90 seconds and 150MB in size.
  • Check out the new Desktop Uploadr. We can upload photos and videos easier.

I think I want to renew my Pro account membership sooner. :)