Saddam Hussein executed

CNN reports about Saddam Hussein execution. Read also CNN Special Reports: Saddam Hussein on Trial.

One reply on “Saddam Hussein executed”

First of all I am against capital punisment. Saddam Hussein deserved to be punished, but not that way. If we look and read the word of God, we should be able to learn something progressive that many political leaders have a lack of- LOVE. I think everybody knows about Paul the Apostle- the writer of many books in the new testment in the Bible. According to the Bible Paul was a murderer- like Saddam Hussein- But later he changed through the Grace of God Almighty, and he became a man of goodness and merci. Paul was forgiven and then trusted by the people of God.
I am sure Saddam Hussein was ashmed and regretful of his acts. I think he deserved a chance to live- at least behind bars in my opinion- because he would end up dieing anyways. His execution was not a solution to end with the conflict and chaos in Iraq, the rough situation will carry on there. A good problem solving method is that that does not create another problem!
People should know and realize that GOD alone can stop wrong from happening.