PunBB 1.2.14

My favorite script (PunBB) released its latest version last week (PunBB 1.2.14). Yes, I use it for my Orangescale Forum,
When I upgraded to the latest version (not only to the latest version), I always checked the latest changes files. Why? Because I made many modifications on the core files. So, as long as the latest files in the distribution do not affect my modifications, I just simply upload the changed files only. And of course, I can just apply the patch.
Upgrading to the latest was extremely easy.

  • Download the files you need.
  • You can choose whether you want to the full package, patch or changed files only. I chose the latest option.
  • Backup the database. You can use DB Management plugin for PunBB. Nice plugin!
  • If you made changes in you core files, make a backup. If you are not sure which files you modified, it is time to make that kind of notes. :)
  • Extract the compressed you downloaded. Upload all files under upload directory to your PunBB folder.
  • Upload the xx_to_xxxx_update.php in extras folder. This file should reside in your main PunBB folder.
  • Run the script. Open your browser, point to xx_to_xxxx_update.php. Even you have uploaded the latest files, you need to do this step too.
  • Remove the upgrade script from you webhosting .
  • Voila!

For me, PunBB is a great forum . Now, if you use PunBB, have you upgraded to the latest version? Note: All work without problems after the upgrade.

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ya sudah dwong :D
BBpress memang ringkas , tampilan admin menunya mirip dengan WP ( tentu saja ) , tagsonomy banget , dan sederhana.
sakin’ sederhananya untuk installasi mbutuh ketelitian yg amat sangat, pengalaman gara – gara keliru di “doubleslash” setting keseluruhan kacau balau.
Banyak yang harus diperhatikan , BBpress bagus tapi tidak cukup- bagus untuk pemula.
Info : TxP pun bisa juga pakai plugins forum tapi ya itu masih eperimental , sangat tidak disarankan.
EE malah punya modul forum embed , keren tapi bayar :(