Posterous' New Dashboard

Right now, I only have an active Posterous-powered site. But, if you manage multiple posterous sites, you should love the improvements. Posterous introduced a new dashboard interface. This is a page where you can manage your Posterous sites easier. In September, Posterous already introduced some features. Now, you have more reasons to start using Posterous.
Posterous' Dashboard
I like the changes anyway. The navigation help its users to identify the current active site they’re managing. Also, the new design is easier to navigate. All site-related menus are placed in a tab-style navigation.
The other additional menus are presented below. Previously, I think it was not easy to find the “Theme Settings”, now it’s clearly visible there. Great job, Posterous!
Also, if someone subscribe to your Posterous sites, they should get the new posts faster as Posterous now works together with PubSubHubbub.

In addition, we’ve just added support for PubSubHubbub with the help of our friends at Superfeedr. For everyone, this will mean your posts will appear in Google Reader much faster, as they’re gradually rolling out PubSubHubbub support. This is in addition to our SUP realtime support that we added to make your posts show up in FriendFeed even faster. Both SUP and PubSubHubbub are enabled now for all posterous blogs. If you’re a developer and want to take advantage of this, head on over to our PubSubHubbub hub. (source)