Podcast, videoblog and Pesta Blogger

Okey, let’s make it short. I have started a channel and few days ago. If you visit my blog, you might have seen in on the sidebar. The reason was pretty simple: I like doing it, and I enjoy it. :)
Just go to my podcast channel and videoblog. About Pesta 2008 — I will join it! — you can listen to foreign bloggers’ comment during their trip to few days ago. Some videos are also available.
I will be going to this evening using Mandala Airlines with Lala, depart from International at 5:15 PM. If you subscribe to my blog, you probably did not get updates from my . I’m enjoying Twitter very much now.
Have a nice weekend all, and… Jakarta, I’m coming!

4 replies on “Podcast, videoblog and Pesta Blogger”

I interviewed by You at pesta blogger 2008.
Please tell me when the file is sent to the internet.
Please send me that “url”.
He..he..he… sori dab, bahasa Inggrise belepotan.
Salam jape methe.