Paypal's Credit Card Verification

When I had my for the first time, the first thing I did was adding it to my Paypal . After having my credit card verified (linked) to , I never touch it again. But, recently I just realised that my credit card was no longer valid. I lost it few months ago, and I got a replacement.
I never had problem with my Paypal account and my credit card. Yes, my Visa card could not be used for transaction few months ago, but that didn’t involve Paypal. So, I decided to add a new credit card. In my previous verification, I waited for the credit card billing statement to get my Paypal verification. If you’re not familiar with Paypal, when you verify your card, Paypal will take $1.95 USD from your credit card. But, it will be returned to your Paypal balance once you have your credit card verified.
Rather than waiting for the credit card billing statement from the — you should see transaction detail there — to see the verification code, you can see the transaction detail directly from your transaction history in your bank account. My card is issued by Bank , anyway. I simply logged in to my banking account, see the credit card transaction history, and found the 4-digit verification code there.
After that, I just need to login to my Paypal account provide the verification code. Easy.