Paypal Improves Account Overview and History Pages

Today, when I logged in to my Paypal account, I see a notification about the improved design for Account Overview and History pages. After reading the details, I went to my Account Overview page.
Paypal My Account Overview
On the landing page (after logging in), as a buyer I see something what I call “these are information I want to see after getting into the dashboard”. Compared to the previous design, the page presents almost similar details, but the position and design are improved — in my taste.
Paypal History Page
Paypal balance is more visible now. It helps me to decide whether I want to spend my money, or not. The transaction activity page has some menu and shortcuts to track the history. Finding a trasaction, seeing recent and past activities, filtering by currencies are things that can be done easier. There are also some filter shortcuts.
I think it will be useful if I can see the current currency rate in dashboard — USD to my currency setting. :)
This time, the new design works. It offers solution. Thank you, Paypal!

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