Ovi Maps Now with Some Improvements: Short URL and Share Location

One of the things I did after I lost my phone was to synchronize some of between my 5800 XM and E72. Actually, I only keep my contact and . About , I use Ovi Maps provided by Nokia (see also: Yahoo Maps powered by Ovi Maps) After I added a location using , I simply sync it to my Ovi account. Not everyday, maybe once in a week or two. Even I don't visit Ovi Maps regularly, I'm still thinking that I might need later in the future. And, I need it.

When I visited Ovi Maps page, I saw that there were some differences. It seems that Ovi Maps page has been improved.
One thing I notice is that it becomes more social now. You can easily share a certain location marked as “Favorites” to and . This might be useful if you want to share a location. If you don't have any locations in your Favourites folder, you can easily add one. It's like: “This is the location. I should bookmark this. Then, when I need it, I can find it easily or even share with others”.
For every location link, Ovi Maps uses . Yes, it's shortened, just like what Google Maps has right now.