Opera Browser 9.50 Alpha Released!

Opera Software released Opera Browser 9.50 Alpha (code name Kestrel). I use two primary browsers in my daily basis activities. Opera and Mozilla Firefox. I think I use Opera more than Firefox. I like what Opera offered (including what Kestrel introduced). Of course Opera does not have all features Firefox has, and the vice versa.
If you have plan using this release, you’d probably want to give your attention to some of these things:

  • Get to know Kestrel first (what introduced in this release, the changelog too). Opera Beta Testing page is a good place to start.
  • Backup your Opera settings, bookmark and other preferences first. If you’re not satisfied with this alpha release, you can revert your settings. I just override my installation, and I lost all bookmark, settings, installed widgets, etc. Ouch!
  • Or, you can install it in different location.
  • Read some feedbacks from blog posts, discussion forums, or other blog posts (including Digg)

I have downloaded and installed it. And so far, I LIKE it!