Now with more photos. And they're bigger

When I knew about The Big Pictures, I told myself that I wanted to have one too. A place where I display some photos I took. A dedicated photoblog came into my mind. I know that it’s something I can create, technically.
But, I wasn’t sure that I maintain it well — keep it updated, upgrade, etc. Then, I was thinking of displaying photos directly into this blog. I’ve been doing this for few months actually. I put photos from my Flickr photostream here. But, I want something bigger. I want to display more photos. All photos uploaded into my Flickr collections are big enough. But, if I want to put it here, it might be “too big” or “too small”.
So, I made some adjustment here. I modify my blog stylesheet to give more space for photos. I think the photos are big enough. For some reason, I did not include the photos in RSS feed. So, you will not get photo update from RSS reader. The reason is because I have a full content in my RSS and I don’t want to flood your RSS reader and aggregator with probably-too-big picture (if you subscribe to my RSS feed, of course). I’m still finding the best solution for this.