Now, this blog is using DISQUS

I decided to switch the commenting system for this blog, from ’ built-in commenting system feature to DISQUS. I was not sure which hosted I wanted to use — DISQUS and Intense Debate came into consideration. Here are some reasons why I use external commenting system service right now:

  • DISQUS provides integration with other like Twitter, and also OpenID. This can be activated on WordPress-powered blogs using . But, if DISQUS already has this feature, why not?
  • DISQUS also offers spam filter mechanism. I’m tired of spam. and Antispam plugin did a great job. Right now, I rely on DISQUS spam filter. And I have Akismet activated also.
  • I’m happy with how DISQUS display blog comments. Options can be managed directly from the .

The migration process was easy. It took than 30 minutes to import all my comments (there were around 3,100 comments), and I got zero problem. It just worked.

25 replies on “Now, this blog is using DISQUS”

The Disqus systems is the best. We have been using it on one of our sites. We now receive many more comments and less spam. We recommended the system. By the way, we have never had a problem posting or receiving posts.

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