MyBlogLog Redesigns

I think it has been a long time since I logged in to MyBlogLog homepage. Today, when I went to MyBlogLog website, I found that they already come up with a new design.
MyBlogLog Redesigns
MyBlogLog Blog has some details on this.

Don’t worry, we still got all the features that you can’t live without; your stats, your widgets and, of course, the New With stuff. Only now everything is framed with shiny shadows and rounded edges! Also notice that on your profile we have moved the most recent visitors module, up on top, not down below the fold so you can quickly see who’s been checking you out…
We went and completely upgraded the featured blogs by scrolling through the top 20 sites (based on number of members), and displaying a more straightforward message about what we offer; Discover, Broadcast, and Connect. You’re going to hear these three words more often from us, I’d love to hear if this description it resonates with you.

Overall, compared to the previous design, it’s better.

2 replies on “MyBlogLog Redesigns”

Kayaknya lagi rame2 redesign ya bulan2 ini? Cnet redesign, Friendster redesign, Facebook redesign, Myspace Redesign, sekarang Mybloglog…keren deh..asal jangan kayak Friendster aja, malah jelek sekarang homepagenya :(