1. I too was suspended. I am disabled and have published my Memoir and also artist work. I was attempting to filter through and erase the thugs and whores from my account and got suspended because I deleted and search too much in too short of a time. OK, I got that I understand how that could be seen as suspicious, BUT ITS NOT!!!!!!!!!
    I have sent two seperate Support ID and neither one has been resolved or addressed. In fact one was closed right after I opened it. Too date, the Twitter account Normajeansun has not come back online and this has a direct impacrt on my ability to support and move past my current limitations of my book exposure. Since I am honest, not a liar, thug or whore who wants to show you something; You would think the staff at Twitter could easily see that Im just a simple guy attempting to improve my life.
    I had 800 plus followers and my website and traffic has almost dropped off since Twitter did this. I wonder if you can Sue them for Defimation or Slander or directly impacting my ability to survive? Since I am disabled and my hope at additional income comes directly from my artwork and book, I wonder if this can get turned back on soon? I just want my account up, thats all.
    If you would like to verify and visit my website, it can be found at http://www.kriscourtney.com – Thank you…
    In that, please show me a Twitter Safe way of getting rid of the Ecrooks and Scammers in a way that Twits Software wont freak out over the amount of traffic. I had over 150 tweets that contained quotes and excerpts from my Memoir, Norma Jean’s Sun. I have no way of getting those back in the thought and order that I worked so Hard at putting place. I had artists, singers, Book Stores, Publishers and Media channels following Me! I was actually having a success at talking/tweeting with my followers and then POOF, Gone because I tried to get rid of the FOOLS that steal my time and energy. Hmmm is Twitting just for fools, liars, thugs and whores???
    Oh, by the way I opened another account under my name, kriscourtney and I instantly got 23 Whores and Ecrooks following me. I feel so loved… Thanks Twits
    I’m frustrated

  2. This account is currently suspended. If we have suspended your account by mistake, please let us know by visiting Suspended Accounts.

  3. It’s been three days since twitter sent me a message saying my issue has been resolved but its still suspended

  4. Twitter sucks, I mean how hard would it be to send an email to a suspended account to say WHY it was suspended?

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