My Nokia N9: Personal Review

Maps, Store and Applications

is also equipped with Nokia Maps (I have Maps version 4.1.40 with version:, and also Drive app. Both work great.

Applications are available from Nokia Store. There are not many applications supported yet. But, I see new applications are being added there. Downloading application from the Store is easy. I can login to my existing Nokia accounts. I'm expecting more applications to be available here, of course.
Nokia N9: Store
There are some pre-installed popular applications like , Facebook and also . They does not have reach , but it works. for Symbian really beats Twitter native apps on Nokia N9. Some basic features are included. It's not superb and rich-feature, but it works. For the interface, it blends nicely with design as complete product.

Notes and Summary

Nokia N9 has a good and stylish design. It's probably the simplest and most modern phone designed by Nokia so far. Running multiple applications is also enjoyable. It has a good hardware so that I can expect speed and . Even it comes with a new different approach to work with — by swipping and tapping, it's still easy to use. This is something new, but I believe that it's easy to adapt. I will try to share more about detailed features, problems, and opinions about this products in my upcoming posts.

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