My Nokia N9: Personal Review


I must say that does not have the best quality. It has 8 megapixel camera. The thing is, pixels is not the only factor to get the best . But, it's good enough for camera . The photo camera is still good. Not as good as Nokia , but it's still good. This is how the screen looks like when you open the Camera app.
Nokia N9 Camera view
You can adjust some settings like scene, white balance, exposure, light sensitivity, aspect ratio, resolution and more depending on your need.
Nokia N9 Camera Settings Nokia N9 Camera Settings Nokia N9 Camera Settings
And here are some sample taken using Nokia N9. These photos are without post editing. I just took these pictures and send it directly to .

Nokia N9 sample photo
Nokia N9 sample photo
For the , Nokia N9 can produce HD 720p. It's not something that really special. Many other phone models can produce the same quality. Just like the photo, scene can be adjusted too, including white balance, exposure and color filter.
Nokia N9 Video Capture settings
Nokia N9 Video Capture settings

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