Modify WordPress MU suspended/archived page

WordPress Multi User (MU) has some types of blog statuses. If you are a blog owner ( MU admin), you can change the blog status from your admin area. In short, each blog might have one of these statuses:

  • Active – Normal blog status. Blog can have all functionality.
  • Archived – All blog entries will be saved. And you can activate again at any time.
  • Deactivated – Blog is deactivated, but you can activate again also at any time. It is similar to the “Archived blog”.
  • Spam – Marked blog as spamblog.

When a blog resides under a MU has a status other than “active” blog, it will display a special page. Only a page to inform the weblog status. The question is: how to change the message for the archived, or deactivated page?
There are two files responsible for the message displayed. They are: wp-settings.php and misc.php (under wp-content/mu-plugins directory).

  • To change the message displayed, open your wp-settings.php . Go to around line 235. You can see the message there.
  • To display the header and footer area of the page — just in case you want to have another output, modify the misc.php file. Change this line:

    ' . $message . '

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thanks for the tutorial, this is very usefull for me.
Because I want suspending so many people that hate me, that not follow my rulez, like inserting js file and * a suck of* ads on my free service.
your so nice comrade.