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I just checked my using Lynx Viewer, and I got a display result. Well, the

  • looks fine, and the other also. But, I think I do not have something like Skip to Navigation. And it’s gonna be a homework. :)
    Big thanks to Lala for the nice buttons. She made me these buttons:
    Warnadunia Hosting banner 1 Warnadunia Hosting banner 1
    She puts her own banner (hehe… rabbit? Why don’t you have goat there? Hihihih).. Thank you La!
    Hey! Big thanks to Bang Mamatz for the invitation to join Orkut. Now, I know what it is looked like. Comparing to Friendster, I think Orkut is much better — mmmm… the interface, and the will not grow too fast. But there are many fields. Hehehe… And I feel that Orkut loaded faster than Friendster. Nice eh?
    So, now I have another toy, not only Friendster — so far, 33 friends in Friendster, and one (yes! One!) in Orkut. Anyone want to be invited? If so, please put your first name and last name here, and your in the email field. I will try to invite you.
    You know what, not many Indonesian using Orkut I suppose. So… you? — Makasih banyak Bang Mamatz! Dan, met ulang tahun! Malah saya yag di kado nih…
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    Hi Thomas! Love those buttons:-) About the referrer thingy, I am trying to figure it out. Have been busy lately, but I think I need a gentleman like you to help me out:-)
    take care my friend!

    eh, keren tuh button. sumpah, keknya bakal laku keras deh hostingnya. amin !!
    maap pak, saya baru dapet jatah make kompie. lom sempet bikin header. sabar yah!! PLZ!!

    ods, ntar deh, kita lihat saja nanti bahasanya.
    Lala, thank you so much dear :*, hasilnya di PDA gimana?
    Faith, the problem is solved, right? :)
    echa, wah mainan friendster, ah, kamu pasti bisa, orkut sekalian? :)
    Nita, sedang berkenalan dengan anda juga nyonya — hhe, bahasanya busyet dah! — dah nyampe kan undangannya
    Killy, hayo bayar! AHuHAuHA *kabur*
    Kyantonius, done, invited and welcome.. :)
    mamatz, busyet. orkut nyediain hosting 100 Mb?
    Enda, wah, kirain dah punya, saya dah invite si nyonya… gimana makhluk Orkutnya?