Listed in seach engines because we blog

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If we run a weblog, one information that we usually display is our name. I am not talking about those who hide their personal identities — especially real name. It is optional to display about the blog author information. Few days ago, Harry Sufehmi mentioned about his finding on search using his name as the keyword. And he — when I write this entry — is on the top position.
It is interesting. Weblog can put nobody into somebody (on the internet). And I am sure that many bloggers had tried their luck to find their position on search engines. Here are some blog entries mentioning about their findings:

If you follow the discussion on those entries, you will see more interesting search results. And, I am sure that’s because of blog. When I had a discussion or questions about how to be on the search engines, my first recommendation is: get a blog!
Some similar phenomena about how blogs can bring information online is when we tried to search for a certain topic, the search engines will give information from blogs. Try to search about a company reputation, or product reviews. Many blogs will be ‘there’.
I am curious about checking my name on search engines. I tried it, and I got these results:

Well, it is probably only for fun. But for me, I learn something about “how to get listed in search engines”.