List pages in WordPress

WordPressWordPress as a great capability to handle non-blog posts. You can easily create a page, assign certain pages under parent page, and more. The next question: how to display list of pages easily?
The basic tag to produce list of pages created from your is like this:

Using the simple code above your will have this:

  • Page name

  • Here are some other code you can use to have different outputs:

    Without heading

    If you want to hide the heading (default heading is: “Pages”), use this code:

    When creating pages, you have option to display the order. If you want to display list of pages by Page Order, use this:

    And, if you want to display your list of pages link based on “Page Order” and having this kind of output:


    Use this code:

    Read more information about displaying list of pages in WordPress (and its combinations at WordPress Codex: Template Tags: wp_list_pages.