Kompas Cyber Media: Let's give those ads some information

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo wrote:

I was wondering whether Kompas should change their text into “Kompas: Cyber Banner” (original: Kompas: Cyber Media) and “KCM – Hanya Berisi Banner” (original: KCM – Bukan Sekadar Berita) because it’s full of Banners, not information. Read more »

Logo Kompas
I do not visit Kompas website regularly, I mean everyday. And I can’t agrre more with what Willy wrote above. And, let’s try to find out what makes the site slow to load.
Here, we are talking about advertisement (static image and also flash ads). Are they annoying? I think so. This advertisements can be a great method for Kompas to make profit. I am not sure how much those advertisers should pay for their advertisements. But the point is: the ads are there, and we (as a user) can not do much about it. It’s is Kompas decision.

Wait. Save your time, your money, and browse happily!
Here are few things you can use or should now if you want to surf happily.

User Firefox and Install Adblock Plus extension

  1. Get Firefox. If you’re still using Internet Explorer, take your time to load those pages with ads.
  2. Install Adblock Plus extension.

Time to wipe those ads

  • The first thing is that go directly to the main content frame. If you open http://kompas.com/, you need to load the top and bottom frame.
  • To block all flash ads, simply add a filter. If you installed AdBlock Plus, just click on the “Adblock” button under/above the ads. I simply add http://apps.kompas.com/* in my AdBlock Plus filter rule. I assume that those ads reside in under http://apps.kompas.com/ directory.
  • (Optional, personal preference) I also block all images.

Some other notes

You can add your own filter, and block unwanted contents. When I block those flash ads, I found something not working properly. You will find that the rollover navigation will not work nicely. There is a huge whitespace between the main menu and the sub-menu. But, you can always use the bottom navigation.
If you only need to read the text, you can disable the stylesheet. Yes, all contents are still readable, about the structure… well, you’re the judge.
Now, if you find some other sites with too many ads, you can simply block them. Yeah, Kompas is not the only sites having crazy ads placement. “It is not a news site with ads, it’s ads with a news content.”.