It is not official, because it uses WordPress

I found an interesting feedback on a not-yet-ready that still uses WordPress default . The designer decided to user because the site only needs news section, and some static pages. In short, WordPress can do the work.
This is the feedback:

I think this site should not use WordPress. It will look like an ordinary blog, not an official site. I think it’s better if we use Joomla or Mambo so that it looks more official.

It uses an official name. The contents are provided from official institution. But, it is not official because the site uses WordPress? I don’t think so.

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Should people care about the ‘tools’? For heaven’s sake, WordPress, Joomla or Mambo are just tools… What matter is the content itself.
Instead of worrying about what tools should be used, people should pay attention more to the content.
Heck, even a news website could be made without any CMS, it will be hard to maintain, of course – but as long as the content is relevant, who cares?

Hahaha! I laughed when I read that kind of feedback for the first time. “Looks more official”? Oh my…
Well, my friend said that he also installed Joomla — for testing purpose — and asked a person who will update the web content? First impression: “too many menus! I don’t need this, this, and this.”. :D

I was once use Mambo/Joomla a while back. At that time I believe that’s the most powerful opensource CMS around. But after using WordPress, I know that WordPress is more scalable so “not official” is very far off-base

Since when does a CMS dictates professionalism of a page? Such comments should be ignored (and laughed at perhaps).
I agree that Joomla is a bit too feature-full for a news site. The default theme also looks really crowded (unprofessional by my taste). WordPress on the other hand, given the right theme, is just perfect.

I think this site should not use WordPress. It will look like an ordinary blog,
Agree …… Do not use WordPress, because WordPress is same as antiVirus, you need to check the update daily!.

Yupe, we can’t judge just by the tools. I thought that is using WP, and still it looks great.
I know you are going to recommend MT, right? :D

Personally, for site that only has news/article publishing, page management, WordPress can handle that very well. Joomla/Mambo probably toooo complicated (for that kind of purpose).
kusaeni, in other word: Textpattern? :)
Pujiono, itulah Mas, saya tidak bisa lebih sepakat lagi kalau semua tentang konten, konten dan kontent. Situs dikelola oleh institusi resmi, dengan domain ‘resmi’, kontent juga resmi… kurang resmi apalagi donk…

Cocal Cola itu identik dengan minuman ringan walau terasa berat di tenggorokan, pun juga WP identik dengan blog. Situs “resmi” tentu tak mau di katakan hanya “sekedar” blog.
Mereka ingin berbeda, walau bisa disiasati lewat konten, mereka ingin eksklusif, hal yang tidak bisa didapatkan dari WP karena sudah merakyat , semua orang bisa pakai WP. Tapi tidak untuk situs resmi.