Indonesia Independence Day

MERDEKA!!! Today, August 17th, 2003, Indonesia celebrates its 58th anniversary. Happy birthday, Indonesia. Related to this day, I have set a place where people can tell their opinion about Indonesia. Thank you Sony for sharing the idea. Now, you can see the result! Some words been posted at Sony’s, and you can also see some pekik on my site. Thank you for sharing your opinion Merdeka!!!



  1. Gip mi an “M”, Gip mi an “E”, Gip mi an “R”, Gip Mi a “D”, Gip mi an “E”, Gip mi a “K”, Gip mi an “A”.. Merdeka! =ngos^^an= To You Too! Heavy but Catchy topic.. kewren!

  2. ketik ‘merdeka indonesia!!!’ berarti gw cinta indonesia, kaga ngetik berarti ‘lu cinta gw’ hehehe :p

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