I was going to Yahoo! Community Town Hall

… and I was on the stage sharing a little bit about Yahoo! Flickr.
Last week, I got an opportunity to join Yahoo! Community Town Hall event at @atamerica, Pacific Place, Jakarta. I had visited the venue for few times, but this time, I went there from Jogjakarta — I live in Jogjakarta (again) now, anyway.
A week before the event, I got an invite to be one of the speakers. The topic? Yahoo! Flickr. I was a little bit clueless about what I was going to present in my presentation slides. I was told that I only had around 10 minutes.
Thomas Arie presenting flickr #ytownhall
Okey, and this is my presentation slides. Two additional slides were added before I uploaded it to Slideshare.

Thomas Arie's Presentation at Yahoo! Community Town Hall

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If you want to watch how the presentation went, you can see the video by Dadio.TV :)

I hope you enjoy the presentation. Anyway, for the event photos, go to event group pool at Flickr. I also uploaded photos if you’re interested.