How do I Rate My Uber Trips (in Jakarta)?

When I visit Jakarta, I usually took Uber as for my ride. So far, I have good experiences with Uber, a company founded back in 2009. I have some basic considerations on taking Uber. First, it’s cashless. This is a good point for my convinient. The second one is that it has applications that works. Last but not least, it’s cheaper compared to the regular taxi. Even sometimes, during the busy hours, Uber has different price.

I like the way Uber keeps its service quality by its rating systems. In most of the time, I gave 4 or 5-star rating for the drivers. But, how do I rate my trip? I will give 5-star rating on these following conditions:

  1. The driver contacts me first to confirm that he wants to pick me up. If I have the notification on my phone that a driver pick my order, I usually wait for one or two minutes while watching his location. Even if it’s still 5-10 minutes, I don’t mind waiting.
  2. The driver greets me and make sure that we both ready to start the trip. “Good morning… Shall we start the ride?” is a simple and nice greeting.
  3. The driver does not ask me for direction. Even I have Google Maps on my phone and I can see the route — and I know how to get to my destination, I prefer to the driver to start the trip without asking for route. But, if since there are many route alternatives, I appreciate if the driver give me suggestion for example due to the traffic.
  4. After arriving on the destination, if the driver reminds me to check my belongings and says ‘thank you’, I really appreciate that.